Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ten Years Makes a Decade...Wow

It's 7pm on New Years Eve. Katie and my dad are learning about his new Mac laptop and I'm sitting on his old laptop reading random comments on Facebook, doing a little reading about the full moon/blue moon, eclipse and wondering what the rarity of that means at this point in time; the end of a decade, in the midst of what some deem a crisis, and during some of the most energetically dynamic times we have seen.

I'm also putting into perspective the New Year as a new decade, which caused me to reflect on what the last ten years of my life have been like. When I did that I really realized how much I've accomplished! The start of the decade, the year 2000, Y2K, was celebrated in my basement when I was in Grade 12. I was 'in love' :), there was drinks and food and fun, there were people ringing in the New Year by bringing up their supper on my floor and in the bathroom, relationships began and others ended shortly after, we watched the replays of the entire world celebrating, Will Smith was singing 'Willenium' and we were partying like it was 1999 for Prince. It was the start of a wild ride. So that's how the year 2000 started it ended pretty much the same way, just at someone else's house with new music and all my friends.

2001...I graduated from highschool, was out of love and into university away from home! I made new and amazing friends, discovered new and amazing ways to get drunk and began what were some of my craziest years yet. I dropped out of French and had to scrape my way through first year Chem, Bio and Physics making a deal with myself that if I passed my x-mas exams I would stick out the rest of the school year. I passed. I celebrated my 19th birthday downtown Windsor with my girlfriends and kissed a guy I had been crushing on since Grade 6 :) lol

2002...It's wierd to think in terms of calendar years when for so long I thought in terms of school years. Daytona beach, boys and moving into my first house with my girlfriends. Deciding to take a Physical Education course in place of my dropped French led me to switching my major to Kinesiology. I passed Chem, Bio and Physics, just barely and was happy to start the next school year in a new program with courses I was excited to take. I got a job for the fall and quit by Christmas.

2003...haha for some reason, this year seems to be a blur. School was now under control and I was rockin my classes. I was also rockin the bar scene. Stayed at school for the summer and had a blast between concerts and cottage visits. For whatever reason, 2003 (the school year) was the start of a bit of a destructive and as Katie puts it, 'reckless' cycle involving drinking and guys. I had a blast during this year and looking back I can see where Katie came from. I've grown a lot and I had to go through a lot to get to that realization.

2004...was a good year. I finshed up my third year, stayed the summer again and moved into a smaller house for my final year at school. Had my heart broken and found new love. I also began to think about what I wanted to do after graduation. Physiotherapy was the only option I saw fitting, yet I wasn't quite sold on the idea. My family went on what was our first and probably last vacation together on a Carribean Cruise and I celebrated my 22nd birthday somewhere in the waters around Jamaica.

2005...graduated from university and moved back home. Spent the summer at my boyfriend's house lounging by the pool and savouring the last bit of my OSAP loan until I found a job. It was the summer of concerts! Come fall I had found a job in a physiotherapy clinic as a kinesiologist and I began helping people heal themselves one leg lift and hamstring stretch at a time.

2006...I applied to Teachers College and got accepted at every school I applied to. U of Toronto being my number one choice. On a whim I also applied to Australia and in the end that was where I decided to go. The majority of my year revolved around saving money and planning all my adventures!

2007...I made it to Australia on super bowl weekend and started school the following week. I don't even know how to describe this year because there is just so many great things I did, I learned and also wished could have been different. Only now do I see the things I would have liked to happen differently and yet they were perfect as I am here now writing this. 2007 was a year of big realizations for me. From deja vu on an almost daily basis, to feeling such a deep connection to my profs and the students I was teaching, I was in the right place. My second placement was in an inner city school in South Auckland New Zealand. I was scared shitless and had my greatest growth of the year, and maybe my life, in those 6 weeks spent there. It was one afternoon when I had an A-HA moment and knew I was meant to do greater things that I had ever thought of.

2008...I was dealing with culture shock of coming back to Leamington and total withdrawal from the Sunny Coast of Australia. I wanted one thing, my boyfriend wanted another and I realized that if I didn't do things that made me happy or wasn't spending time with people that made me happy, I needed to make some changes. I ended my three year relationship and began what some call my 'self-discovery process'. I had a visa to go back and work in NZ as a teacher and then life threw me on a totally different course. This was the year Peak Potentials entered my life. I became a Wizard, a Warrior and an Ultimate Leader, I mastered my mind, got a millionaire mind, became a trainer, got extreme health and learned about all my relations. I met some of the most amazing people I still call friends and watched my friend since kindergarten walk down the aisle.

2009...I began the year finding my life's direction and embarked on a seven month road trip with Katie. From Colorado to Vancouver and back a few times we did everything from rock climbing and rapelling to seeing people transform their own lives in the forest of Squamish and the valley of Sanger. This year really was mindblowing and to be honest, I think I'm still processing it all. I can't quite seem to wrap my brain around the impossibilities that we made possible for ourselves.

And now here I am, heading into a new decade after such a wild ride in this last one. What will this next decade bring? What other great accomplishments will I undertake and achieve? What other great relationships will I form and what other ones will fall away?

I really hadn't taken stock of ALL that has happened in the last 10 years until now. I realized how much I can do, how much I have done and how great it has all turned out. Wow, what a life!

Here's to all I have learned, all I have accomplished and to a future decade of even more greatness than I can fathom. And for you, all the greatness the world has to offer!

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 14, 2009

When you find you...

Over the last week or so I've been really looking at where I've come since I began this 'journey' of sorts in February of 2008. The journey began with the end of a three year relationship (a rather abrupt ending by me and one I have recently admitted to myself I've been avoiding completing). I wanted and had an overwhelming need to "find myself". Those words are both full of meaning and meaningless for me at the same time. I discovered many things about myself that others had always seen, I began to own my own power, which I used to percieve as being pushy and bossy, I learned to see the connectedness we all share and the unconditional love that is possible between all human beings, which I used to confuse as attraction and jealousy.

Although it certainly has been a journey in finding myself with many meaningful experiences and relationship, I have realized I've been here all along, I was just looking a different direction and thinking very different things. After learning my Heart Virtues - I am committed to truth and understanding! - this summer I had a pretty big 'a-ha' moment. In all those times I was frustrated and felt lost and angered growing up it was because I was (or others were) violating my Heart Virtue of truth; I was ignoring my truth, what my heart was telling me and in order for me to understand that, I needed to embark on this journey. Now that I have an understanding of 'who I am' I will do everything I can to live according to my truths. Also when something sends that rage into my being or the elation of joy and love I now understand or seek to understand why.

My understanding of truth of myself and in others is that we are all limitless beings, capable of anything we put our mind and heart to. When people are lying or when people know they can have and deserve better, settle for less or play small it used to really frustrate me until I understood that we are all on our own journey and we can only control the path that we take and love others and empower them to do the same for themselves.

So for any of you that I've pounded with questions, made bold or uncensored comments to or challenged your views, it's because I want to better understand who you are and where you are so I can honour your truth. I also hope that my questions pose a challenge and create curiousity within yourself to seek out the truth for you. It's who I am! And I've always been this way, questioning things since I was little. The impossible was always met with "Why not?" and still is. I always had an understanding that anything was possible, regardless of how many people tried to tell me different. I just felt it.

And so here I am today. The same being I was nearly two years ago with a vastly different understanding of the world, my world and me; a grasp of what it means to be me, of what I believe it means to be human and of what rings true for me right now. One thing I am certain of is that in two more years I will sit here and write again and every word will ring true, yet my understanding of everything will be vastly different and deeper based on all the lessons I will have learned between now and then. For those who thought their learning was over when they finished school...time to wake up...there are far more interesting things to discover within.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gone fishin'...

My thoughts and experiences lately have been pretty focused on dating and relationships. When Katie and I got home from the first part of, what I'm sure will be, many more journeys I randomly signed up for an account on Plenty of Fish; the online dating site....the free online dating site.

I really had no idea what to expect from this site. It's kind of scary putting up a profile of you for millions of people to see, let alone read about who you are and what you're looking for. I just knew I had to be myself.

I think I've got a pretty intense profile. I think I'm a pretty intense person when it comes to what I'm looking for and who I am. For the first time in my life I actually feel like I'm beginning to understand myself...even if it's just the start! I was a little worried about guys getting bored with having to read my profile and then I realized if that was the case, they were looking for another woman anyway. Judging by the messages I was getting, guys liked my profile and some found it inspiring, intriguing, a pleasant change from all the others, which led me to believe that I must have done something right. Of course there's always a few sleezey guys who message some generic sentence that makes me laugh and gag and hit delete almost instantly.

But lately I've been enjoying and appreciating the effort, or lack of, that people have put into writing their profiles and selecting their pictures. I was seeing a guy from the site for a little while so I spent a good 3 or 4 weeks away from POF as it's commonly referred to :P . So upon my return I decided just to go with the flow.

Tonight I decided to click on profiles with guys who had the biggest smiles! I want a guy who's got a wicked smile! What can I say?! I found some interesting ones! From photos with guns to cars, to bikes of all sorts, to snowboards and even creepy self-portraits in the bathroom mirrors... :{ it's all there! And every guy is laid back or easy going, happy to go out with friends and party or stay in and watch a movie, loves the outdoors and travelling, into biking and sports. I've seen UFC in nearly every profile I've looked at. There's also a tonne of creative types too who are right into their music or art or cooking. Others are writing or doing some form of design work. Like social media, this site gives you a glimpse, be it small, into other peoples lives. I've definitely concluded that guys aren't picky about what they do. Most of them want to make us women happy and they definitely want us to be upfront and honest with them. "No games!" makes most guys profiles.... I think games are just our way of getting around the fact that we are really looking for someone else and are scared to admit it and voice it for fear of someone getting hurt.

I often wonder though...with the exception of a guys really know what they want or are they just as undecided as most girls? Or better yet, is it a reality that we are unsure of what we want or is that just a game we play with ourselves to keep us safe from risking committment and broken hearts? I've been on both sides of the fence and I'm staying on the risk taking side...there's more to about you?

Monday, November 16, 2009

I Trust Myself To Stay Present...Damnit!

I really do believe that we are in people's lives for a reason and that most certainly there is some sort of lesson to be learned or value to be gained from every relationship we have.

I realized a bit ago that the guy I was seeing was slowly pulling away and becoming less interested in what we were doing. I was fine with that. I recognized it and allowed it to happen because a part of me knew that I was learning from all of it.

I learned a lot about patience and trusting my intuition. When things weren't panning out as I had hoped my intuition told me that it was alright and everything would be fine (not necessarily in favour of what I wanted, yet fine). Then my mind would kick in with stories about what he might or might not be doing, how me might or might not feel about me. It created some great dramas for me to sort through. As I listened to my mind tell me all sorts of crap I could feel my heart holding strong. Funny that my MOSHOG name at camp was 'Strong Heart'. Perfection!

So I stuck out my storm, getting a hunch that it was going to end rather than progress further and I trusted that and released my attachment to the outcome I had hoped for. 'The truth will set you free'...addenum...'when you're not attached to the outcome'.

So when I heard the words "this isn't going to work out" I sort of laughed. Well no, I was pretty elated and found myself with a giant smile on my face. I had spoken my truth and he had spoken his. All was good until I hung up the phone and realized what I had just done.

I had become so caught up in 'being right' about my intuition that I failed to actually sit with the reality of what had happened and appreciate that moment in time. That moment when I had a chance to FEEL what was going on for me. So not only did I discredit what may have been a difficult thing for him to say by laughing, I robbed myself of experiencing the emotions of the moment. Boy I felt emotions after that...that big one that screams "You were out of integrity by doing that" uuuggghhhh...That one is the worst. When you feel guilty because you know you did something that you know is out of line with your core values and who you are. It's not just 'I feel bad about that' it's 'I've gotta fix!'

I'm committed to truth and understanding. Although I wanted to understand why things were ended, I took myself out of the game before I even had a chance to ask, which stopped me from being able to understand the truth of myself in that situation; the truth of what I really felt and maybe still do feel.

I guess if I understood better where he was coming from it might have been easier for me to accept my place in the whole thing. I still feel a little confused about it all, but I'm certain that my learn about staying present and experiencing every moment was critical to my own growth and might very well be the entire purpose for our meeting. I feel like there still more to come...we'll see.

Now I'm just disappointed I had done so well the entire time and then I reached the finish line and took off, didn't even wait to see the scores or take in the crowd; often the most rewarding part.

Staying the now...a work in progress.

Haha...I'm coming back a few hours after writing this and reading my post 'What's a girl to do?'. Maybe reading this before calling him up might have reminded me to stay present!!! Review review review...

Friday, November 6, 2009

National Novel Writing Month!!!!

I recently started writing a novel for National Novel Writing Month which is a month dedicated to writing an novel of 50,000 words or more. I'm not entirely sure on all the details around what happens at the end of the month. I figure it's only the 6th and I've got plenty of time to read all about that!

In the meantime I'm having a blast writing my novel. I sat down Sunday night before I went to bed and picked up this piece of paper I had written on a few days earlier. I had no idea what it was about, yet it was a sub-story to something. It just sort of came through me at the time.

I sat and wondered what I would write about. One thing that had come to me was a mid twenties girl living a very high paced life in the city. Her mother suddenly passes away and she has to go home to her 'small' hometown and deal with everything from her mother's death to old memories of ex-boyfriends past. I had no idea how it was going to come together.

I picked up that piece of paper and said, "That a part of my story!!" and I started writing. I've been going strong this week pumping about 2-3000 words a day by hand. Something about pen to paper is a must with this. And it's proving to be really good because as I type out the stories after already having written them I get to review them and write notes on new ideas that have come out of the re-read and typing.

I must say that I have been really fortunate with the flow of story. It's like the characters are just there telling me exactly what to write next, exactly how the story is going to unfold. There have been times where I've stopped writing because I didn't want the story to go where I thought it was going to head and their persistence in my head kept me writing into directions I never would have anticipated.

I even came across a particular scene that I didn't want to write because it was somewhat explicit yet I kept writing, allowing my characters to take me where they had been and through to the other side, which in this situation wasn't the outcome I had expected yet I liked it very much. It created a new standard for my character. After writing it I knew I was going to scrap it because of how explicit it was and I realized that I needed to write it in order to understand where my characters were going, and how they progressed from that event.

It's sort of like watching a movie unfold before your eyes, or in this case page, frame by frame. Allowing your mind to create one ending while the words create something even better.

I'm so glad my cousin exposed me to this contest because I've finally found some place to put all that creative energy. I knew I loved writing yet it was always so forced when I had to think about a topic. When I allow it to just flow, magic happens.

Here's to losing yourself in your creative endeavours!

Friday, October 30, 2009

What's a girl to do?

Lately I've been realizing 2 things. One- most of my close friends are either married or in very committed and long term relationships. Two- the rest of my friends are either single and dating or single until they are rescued by their knight in shining armour or both. lol. Having been single for, well I guess I'm nearing two years now, I'm beginning to wonder...what's a girl to do?

Do we hit up the dating scene? That can be anything from friends hooking us up to finding our way around online dating sites to asking the guy in line if he's single. But really, what is the dating scene? Is it one date, many dates, a few dates with different people? Who made the rules to this stupid game?! Oh that's right, there really aren't any, yet we all have picked up rules and expectations of what we think dating is or isn't.

To be quite honest, I've never been one for dating. My impatience and desire to get to the point of "What are we doing, yes, no, maybe, sometimes?" usually prevents any sort of surprise or element of progression, which I'm realizing is ACTUALLY where all the fun is. My impatience had my mind so far in the future I was never paying attention to what was in the moment, who I was, who they were, what we had in the moment, what my heart was saying! My goodness, if I had just stopped and listened to my heart every now and again I could have saved some tears for a good ol' sappy chick flick!

There was a point when my impatience took me out of the moment and into some far off fantasy land or my own personal hell. It's quite interesting the stories that we can conjure up when outcomes are unknown and fantasies are outlandish and unrealistic.

I will say that I have made progress. I have become more in tune with the messages my heart speaks to me. A date I went on not too long ago involved myself and a gentleman I had never met in person before and he was picking me up for our date. Most say that I'm a very grounded and calm person, easily excitable at times, yet all in all, quite put together. Not this night! Of all the nights to get all nervous and excitable it had to be date night!!!

There was quite a bit of conversation helped along with too many glasses of wine. Water spillage and catching my toe on the sidewalk on the way out. At least I provided some entertainment and flirty teasing. Really though... I had a lot of fun. I stayed present to all the comments, direct and somewhat indirect, I understood that I was in the right place and I let the night flow.

Now, it would be a perfect world if we were all mind readers and knew what the other person what thinking, but only I can do that....well I'm still working on it! lol
In most cases, I feel it is safe to say that both people have communicated whether or not there's going to be a 'next time' after the first date and things continue along naturally.

My next question lies in the grey area...What's a girl to do? When things suddenly seem less sunny? When maybe both people are trying to figure out who should call who because they're both nervous or confused,or there's a little bit of decreased communication or maybe one person just doesn't want to continue and hasn't told the other person...or maybe life got in the way and somehow slipped their mind.

It's like a sixth sense though and everyone has it, I can feel when things shift from good to awkward. I used to be all over it wondering what the hell was going on and what was up. Now I'm recognizing that shift and then asking myself whether or not I let myself get trapped by it or take the initiative and courage and move forward, whatever that next step might be to whatever the outcome might be. Until you take it, you'll never know. Haha, until I take it, I'll never know.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let's Look at the Positive

My last post was about being yourself and it was in response to other people using our material.

I am currently reading Habitually Great: Mastering the Law of Right Action; a book about awareness of our beliefs and how they create habitual actions, written by a good friend of mine, Mark Weinstein. I already knew that thoughts lead to feelings lead to actions lead to results.

T -> F -> A = RESULTS

But I was missing the link, for me, between the thoughts/feelings and actions. I've been more aware of my actions lately as I haven't been quite so content with the results I'm looking at in my life right now and I realized that some of my actions weren't serving me, but I didn't know where it stemmed from. I recognized some beliefs I had that were initiating these self-sabataging actions such as eating crappy foods, not exercising, eating 1/2 of the batch of homemade peanut butter chocolate chip cookies over the course of a few days...ugh. The thoughts and feelings about doing those things were serving me, but my actions were so habitual it didn't matter!

So with the knowledge of people using our material I looked at all the negative implications for us and for that person. Today, after reading a chapter in that book I had a shift. We should be flattered that people like our stuff so much they want to use it themselves! So thank you for showing your love by using our material!

See the opportunity!

Monday, October 12, 2009

"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."

This is a quote by Oscar Wilde. It is only fair to give him credit for he was the one who came up with it.

I've recently been confronted with some people who have more or less been copying what Katie and I have spent seven months building and pouring our heart into. It's quite unnerving. At the same time it's a great reminder to me that we all start somewhere and need to start with something. I'm also reminded about how I have given thanks, how appropriate on the weekend of Canadian Thanksgiving, to those who helped me or whose material I used. It's kind of like the difference between plagarism and paraphrasing, just in the spectrum of life rather than literary work.

"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."

It's such a powerful quote for me because it really brings home the fact that I can only be who I am. Even in times of chaos when I've been grasping to find something I can take hold of and run with; I remembered this. When I was confused about who I was, where I belonged and what I had to give; I remembered this.

My Dad passed along some words to me when I was in University. My Grandma used to tell him, "You can be anything you want to be." I expanded it to, "You can be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do."

And so I began to ask myself who I really wanted to be! It took years before that answer revealed itself to me...5 to be exact and in that period of 5 years I tried on many hats and none seemed to fit. Well there were a few hats that fit for a little while. I tried on my last hat just over a year ago when I started blogging. That hat fit like a glove...or a hat... :) However, I didn't realize that at the time. I sort of had to grow into it if you will. Blogging allowed me to be myself. It was original, unique and me because I was writing! I was oblivious to what a blog even was when I first started mine.

One thing I was very clear about when I started my blog, was that if I used anyone elses material I would give them props. It's out of integrity to use someone else's material or ideas and pass it off as my own. Maybe it was the fear of being caught plagarising growing up, or maybe it's one of my core values...acknowlege people for their work if I'm using it to add to my own. I'm getting off track here.

I guess the point I'm trying to get across is very simply seen in my eyes. "Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." Or for me today as I'm struggling with the thought of others trying to be me or my sister...Be yourself, I'm already taken, we're already taken... My lesson in all of this is to just sit with it and trust that my uniqueness cannot be duplicated as it is uniquely mine energetically, physically, mentally, spiritually. Knowing that is more confirmation than I need!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Calm Amidst the Chaos

Since my last post, which seems like an eternity ago, a lot has occurred. Katie and I both helped out at 2 Warrior camps and 1 more Wizard camp. Between Squamish and Sanger, CA, working 4 camps and attending one (which by the way is absolutely indescribable) I'm vibrating at a slightly higher level right now. And by slightly I mean much higher vibration!

As the camp season came to a close and the 'seminar' season began, World's Greatest Marketing Seminar was a pretty intense re-immersion into the real world. Lots of different energies mixing together in an attempt to become one for a matter of 5 days. It was a tough adjustment, but it must have been needed for our return to Ontario.

The Eastern half of the continent embodies a much less enlightened energy than the my opinion. And by less enlightened I mean that the energy in the East is more heavy, dense and more difficult to use to your advantage. There is a certain feeling of 'being stuck' and not being certain of the future that comes with the east. Maybe this is my experience in particular, maybe it's the geographic location of my hometown and maybe it's a mirror of my life. Either of the options put me in a bit of a chaotic frame of mind.

The four corners of the earth, North, East, South and West- wisdom, enlightenment, foundation, life and death...I have been living in the West allowing old parts of me that are no longer serving me to die away to make room for new creations, new ways of thinking and new ways of living. While doing that I was creating a solid foundation for which to live my life. And I guess it's only logical that I head to the east to welcome the enlightenment. Welcoming enlightenment means welcoming all the lessons and opportunities of growth it presents to you.

Maybe coming home to Ontario and being in this energy is the opportunity I've been given to grow. An opportunity to really understand what it means to unconditionally open my heart, accept what is and utilize it for a greater purpose. What is that greater purpose?

I just finished reading a book called 'The Dream Giver' by Bruce Wilkinson. I'm not sure which part of the story I'm at in my life....I know I've been in Sanctuary for a little while, but I'm somewhat feeling like I'm approaching the Giants...the obstacles that seem to get in my way repeatedly. I'm being asked to commit...but to what? I know I've got a dream...I've got many and maybe THAT'S what I need to do...clarify which dream it is that I'm pursuing right now.

How many samples do I need to experience before I find out which one it is I want to buy in to? The chaos that comes with making those decisions only reminds me that it's a period of creation, that there is something brewing for me that is greater than I have ever imagined. Will I remain the eye of the storm and weather the raging currents of anger and fear that keep overwhelming my ego self or will I remain in my Wizard, calm, the eye of the storm, resting in faith that it will turn out absolutely perfect and my call to action is literally around the corner?

As I wrote that I wondered, what is my call to action...what if it's this or that? Already getting caught up in the storm...remain present, remain calm and trusting...allow it to occur and it will pass.

This moment is the only moment that is real...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wizards and Magic Revived

Almost a year ago today I attended Wizard Training Camp in Ellenville, NY as a participant. My first camp of Peak Potentials and without any prior Enlightened Warrior experience (as most others had). Wizard camp changed my entire being. I became 'Whispering Willow' and realized many truths about myself that would have remained undiscovered; I physically felt different after having attended that camp.

Some believe and others don't, in the spiritual nature of our existence. I do for I have experienced it on many levels. Wizard camp being one of the places I was blessed to have an experience...or many I should say. Over the past year I have grown into something more than what I ever thought I could be. I'm still me, but my thoughts and my actions are greater than I would have ever taken if I didn't have the knowledge I do now.

As I helped set up Wizard camp as a volunteer, last week in Squamish, BC, I had a strangely familiar feeling of 'wow, this is unreal' wash over me. I looked at my good friend Jessica and said, "Two years ago I would never have thought I'd be in Squamish, BC let alone setting up for something called Wizard camp." This has been a common occurrance for me lately as I continue to grow and experience amazing people, places and things beyond my comprehension. The connectedness we all share on this planet is undeniably present and by no accident am I where I am today. I can say I am exactly where I am supposed to be and I am soooooo in my element when I am helping and serving others at these programs and more specifically camps!!!

The synchronicity of it all was much so it's eerie! I got to tag along with two groups that had some of my dearest friends from Warrior in them, they did the exact same rotation I did when I was at my camp, I got to go through a process with one of my Warrior mates because their group was short a person. It all just fell into place. I was there because of them and they were there because of me. Just as I am here writing for all of you and you are here reading and doing your thing for me.
Maybe you're reading this because you too, have an understanding of something greater, but are not sure how to access it or utilize it. Or maybe you do not believe and my writing is here to challenge your beliefs or lack of beliefs. I don't know what my purpose is in your life until you realize it and understand how my piece of the puzzle fits with yours. Not everything is mean to be understood in this moment, that's why we have a lifetime to experience it.

I set the intention last summer that I was going to volunteer at a Wizard and Warrior camp not knowing where or how it was going to happen and voila, it shows up in even more amazing ways than I can ever imagine. Returning to Wizard camp I realized that I was no longer 'Whispering Willow'. I had outgrown my old Wizard name and into a far more fitting Wizard, 'Whisper in the Breeze'. It's a very fulfilling feeling knowing that things serve you for a period of time, but at any time those things no longer fit, something new is there to replace it; a more fitting version of the old or something entirely different.

My biggest learn from Wizard camp this time around is to stay present and open so that I can be the best me possible for those I am here to serve.

Wow, that's solid...did I just write that?

That is what I am talking about! The deeper understanding of purpose and connection to spirit and each other. My inner Wizard is nodding in agreement and at the same time telling me, "There is much more for us all to learn, you've only just begun the journey. Stay open and present and watch what you are capable of."

And with that... So Be It.

Friday, July 10, 2009

It's a Simple Life

It's been a long while since I last posted on my blog. Being on the road has certainly deterred my mind from this blog and has focused it on Lost On Purpose. It's been so much fun travelling and blogging. I never knew how creative blogging could be. I mean with videos and collages and planning adventures...the fun never stops.

Having said that, it is a different way of living. A simple way of living. One backpack, a cooler, tent and sleeping bags...and a laptop. Coming back to Vancouver was a pretty big wake up call. I over packed big time! But we had no idea what we'd be doing and how long we'd be away; and we still have no idea!

It's taught me a lot, travelling in a car, about what one really needs in this lifetime. TVs are nice, but a total distraction and sometimes a type of substance abuse. The internet is great, but too much time on it robs you of precious time to do other activities that can connect you to yourself, others or nature. A is such a blessing! I am eternally greatful to have a set of wheels that is reliable and big enough to sleep in :) , but proper maintenance is a MUST! I've learned more about cars on this trip that I ever did driving my own.

Clothing can be worn and reworn and air it out every now and again. You really don't need much and often over pack wearing some things over and over again anyway because, "Why dirty something when you've already got stuff that's sorta dirty?" Shoes! Oh boy...flip flops and runners...on a roadtrip, there is no need for anything else! Who the hell are you going to impress in heels at a campsite?! Guys, I know you like heels, but give us travellers a bit of a break, you're lucky if I put on a pair of jeans and some make-up!

Basically, all that 'stuff' I've accumulated to decorate my non-existent future home is just that...'stuff'. It keeps me from living in the present. When you don't have all those distractions and all those material things, all you have is you and whatever is around you in that moment. And that's all you ever's bliss.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Balancing Energies

My last post was about the 'Two Sides of Me You Don't Always See' and as I read the post again after a few days I realized that I really didn't explain the two sides of me. And that's OK. That's my spiritual side going with the flow, forgetting that there is a process to be followed when writing.

I mean, the process is really your own, but if you want your posts to make sense shouldn't they, at some point, come back to the title or main focus of what you originally wanted to talk about? Maybe this was what my professors were talking about. It did take a lot of focus to keep on topic and not delve into random side bars.

Having said that, I have been working in my spiritual energy for the past few days. The Wizard if you will, combined with the Warrior. I have had a strong urge to write. Words repeating themselves over and over in my head until they are down on paper. 25 sheets of paper to be exact; front and back. I allowed the words to flow through me and I did not stop to correct or edit along the way. I just wrote and wrote. When I felt the urge to go back and 'look over' stuff my Warrior kicked in and said, "Back to writing girl, it's not about making changes yet." And back to the writing I went.

To my surprise, when I actually did finish writing what I needed to write I was told (by my inner voice) to re-read the entire thing without stopping to change a thing. Just read it. What I thought was a really haphazard layout was true, but somehow underneath it all there was a linking web from one story to the next, to the next, to the next. My logical self was getting very agitated because it was hard to follow and 'shouldn't' be like that. It wanted to categorize and compartmentalize everything into sections and make it all sterile and white. My spiritual side was thoroughly impressed with my words, my emotions, my humour, but most of all my willingness to go through the process of regurgitating elements of my life without hesitation or resistance.

I've known for a while, there was a book in me waiting to come out and I had sat down and written before, but nothing came out. When the time is right, write.

This spiritual side that I mention is rooted in a great understanding that there are things that exist that we cannot see with our human eyes, nor can we explain by science. And I'm sooo OK with that! I believe in angels and spirits and fairies and orbs. I've experienced spirit and seen spirit before and so I have learned to use these beings to assist me.

I have a ritual every morning. I pull a card from each of my 'guidance' cards if you will and I read the messages they send me for the day. One this morning was 'STAY FOCUSED'. Clear as a bell, I instantly knew where I was going to need to apply that. Facebook, email, eating, chatting...all distractions I continually allow myself to partake in to get away from writing. Even writing this blog is a distraction for me, which is why I chose to write about that card and spirituality. By reminding myself about that message everytime I tried to distract myself, I was able to regroup and keep going. I know there is a reason that this book came out of me here and now. I will not know what that reason is until I see what could have stopped me in the future.

I am very greatful for these words of wisdom each morning. I can't come up with it all by myself, why not ask for help from something greater? I don't always understand what the messages mean so I read them and then move on. It usually isn't until later when I look back and say, 'Oh yes, how appropriate that was!'

The trick is to realize that there are people and beings who can help us along on our journey, all we need to do is ask for their help, listen to their messages and continue on with our lives. Soon enough they will all fall into place.

If you would like to learn more about spirituality contact me at

Remember, we all learn in our own time, I can only share with you what I have experienced and guide you by that. I am by no means an expert, but I have knowledge and if I don't have it, I'm sure I know someone who does. :)

Peace out.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Two Sides of Me That We Don't Always See :)

I am most definitely a free spirit and an old soul who likes to 'see what happens next'. I am also a very disciplined and logical thinker who plans and creates chaos where order already lies. I am the combination of both of these amazing people who, when given an opportunity to create, has the discipline and imagination to see things through to their brilliance and their possible demise. No matter the situation, when I feel moved to create, there really is no stopping me.

I feel as though I haven't spent much time loving my blog lately. So I returned to it this week and wrote a post. A post, once re-read, actually is very good, very true and very global. I also looked at what my header says and I am in awe at the poetic-ness of my own words! Damn, I'm good! :)

I don't know where it comes from, well that's a lie, I totally know where it comes from. It's from a few places. From my heart, from my subconscious, but more than that it's from my guiding forces, from my soul, the universe.

I have these urges to write at times. Sometimes it's notes, sometimes it's letters to people, or emails just to say hello, but the message I write has more to it than a simple hello. It's a message that I feel compelled to write, that has no thought process, just words, through a pen onto paper or in this case, screen.

I've known for quite sometime now that I've had this gift as paper upon paper in university came back with great marks...and the same comment at the end...'you need to actually conclude your arguement, not start a new one.' But that's how I write! Open ended, left to the imagination, hooking the mind, what's going to happen next. With my history professors in mind, I now understand why this was hard for them to accept. History is the past, it, in some instances, is considered fact and therefore and arguement, once presented, needs to be concluded. But what if my arguement is meant to be argued further, but you just didn't allow me enough 'word count' to do that?! My spirit and logic in constant conflict...

But that is the hitch with my writing. There is no conclusion, there isn't meant to be a conclusion because even when we're gone from this plane, we continue on in another.

Over the last few weeks, as I've had a chance to listen to my body and trust it's nudges and slaps in the face, I can better feel where we're going with this road trip, where our lives are headed and how amazing our gifts are. Writing this is exciting as I can honestly say I'm back in a space where creativity is flowing positively and with abundance. When I'm in a good space, so is my writing.

What are you capable of when you're in a good space?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Reflective Thoughts

Do you ever feel like you're just not getting anywhere?
Or do you ever sat back and wondered what you've really accomplished?

Well I know I have! Recently too. We're so quick to pick out the flaws, the mistakes and the wrong actions we've taken, but how often do we look to what we've done right, what works for us, and what we have done that makes us great?

This past weekend I was part of an amazing team of people who helped to run the Millionaire Mind Intensive in Calgary. On the first day we were delegated to certain tasks and asked to perform them throughout the weekend. My intention for the weekend was to become more aware of my abilities within a leadership role as well as within a following role.

Since attending Ultimate Leadership Camp in September, I've had many opportunities to step into leadership roles. Some of them very successful and others not so successful. It has been a great learning curve with acceptance of the role alone.

I felt as though this weekend provided me with a great mix of leading and being led. I feel that often others see more in you than you see within yourself and therefore trust you with more responsibility. I think my biggest 'take home' with respect to leadership over the weekend was that when you have trust in your team, everything falls into place naturally. It is a gift to allow each individual to contribute in their own way and trust that it is in the highest and best interest of the entire group. When individuals are allowed their creative freedom it is amazing what can come of it.

Now, I don't know that I can remember what flawed actions I made because I was busy reflecting and celebrating the sucesses of the weekend. Katie and I sat back and really looked at what we've become over the last few months and over the weekend and we both realized how amazing we both are! We have learned so much about ourselves, the roles that come naturally and that we excell at and the contributions we are both capable of making in this world.

Facilitating positive change in this world is just one way of creating success....celebrating your success creates more success...cheers to all that works and may you learn from that which doesn't!

Monday, March 23, 2009

That's No Monkey Business...That's Guerilla Business School

If you own a business, if you don't own a business, if you've ever purchased anything at a business, if you are a consumer, god darnit....if you live on this planet you must go to this course!

The 'basics' and fundamentals of businesses. Should your business should be systematized? Everything should be systematized! Do you spend most of your time buying/creating product? Marketing/selling? or in Admin/Operations? Do you know where you NEED to be spending most of your time?

Social networking. Do you have presence on the Internet? There are so many social networks from Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, LinkdIn, etc, etc, etc! Get on something!

Do you know who your niche market is? Do you know what they are looking for and do you have what they want? Get specific. Especially if you've got specific products. General public doesn't work because the general public isn't looking for things that they don't have a need or want for. Who wants what you have and find them. Be the big fish in the little pond.

What can you do to maximize your business? What can you do to start a business right from the beginning?

I wasn't taught any of this in school! I learned in 2 hours what Harvard biz students learned in 4 months! From Keith Cunningham no less!

There's a place and a time to sit back and watch the world go by. That time is not now. That time is when you've grown and built your business so that you are no longer needed for it to run. That time is when you have created a choice for yourself to work or not to work. That is the time that maybe you say 'thank-you' and accept the check for millions of dollars for the 'business/system' you just sold someone that you created! People do it all the time.

If they can do it, we can do it!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"A Little Less Conversation A Little More Action Please"?; Creating Balance

Katie and I are in Arizona now and we've been staying with some of our Warrior friends here...the Bomstas. I love them! They've got three kids and their house has a vague familiarity to it. It's brought back a lot of memories of my childhood coming home from school, snacking until dinner, watching TV or movies all day, playing outside, running to and from after school activities. Watching the kids play reminded me of how simple life is and how simple it can be to have a good time playing in the dirt. It's also reminded me of how easily we become complacent and bored and how easy it is to get into a routine.

It's weird to think about what I might have done had I not had organized sports or extra curricula rs my entire life. Would I have played outside more? Would I have spent more time in front of the TV? Did my extra curricular tire me out so much that I no longer wanted to go outside and play as I grew older? I'm sure I used the excuse "I just need to relax for a day" before! I don't care about when, but more about why play became more structured as we got older. Who was it that told us that mucking around in the dirt was only for little kids. Or did someone tell us that? Maybe as we grew older our attention spans for mindless play became less and our need for stimulation became greater. I don't know...I'm sure someone out there has got a theory or two!

There has certainly been a common trend throughout this trip though. Summing it up nicely in one word - PLAY. Secondary to that would be to give yourself permission to relax. Easier for Katie and I as we've chosen that for ourselves, or at least some people would view our road trip as sheer play (although that's so not the intention), but we need to be reminded to relax as well. Especially when we're busy running from place to place...not realizing how easy it can be to get burnt out. Aaron Huey posted a link for a video not long ago about play and how essential it is for our well being. Play before you do anything else! Why? Because then you're in an awesome mood and when you set the tone for the day in the energy of playing, the rest of the day will only follow in those footsteps. I think Patch Adams would be a good example of that...he never stopped playing. I don't see why life became so serious...any book I've ever read in the area of self-development has said that Play is an essential part of living and we all need to have more of it in our lives. It's about the balance!!!

You can teeter-totter all you want between play and 'serious business' :(, but how do you feel? It's like a roller coaster of ups and downs, elation and frustration. If there was a balance would that not just mean happiness all the time? Or at least a more stable sense of balance in which you contribute and receive with grace and flow?

It's interesting. I'm sitting outside writing this and in the backyard next door they are doing some sort of construction. There's lots of loud men and machinery. I consider my writing my work. Not in the sense that it's a job, but it's a passion of mine and I consider blogging a way to plant the seed and nurture it and love it until it becomes a giant tree that will in some form or another bring me abundance (opportunity, money, healing, etc). Now, most people wouldn't be able to 'work' in this environment because it's too loud, distracting, etc. I on the other hand just had an epiphany in this situation!! As I'm writing, I'm contributing and as they're doing their work, they are distracting me, but also making a contribution. Instead of forcing myself to continue I take a break and receive or just listen, breathe, be grateful. I receive the sounds, the smells, the gratitude that those people are making a difference for whomever's back yard they are digging up. And when I do that, take the time to be present and actually listen, smell, see I actually appreciate it rather than resent it. Listening to them now, talking and doing whatever they are doing (I think it's something with a pool), they've got a good leader. He's talking them through the process; a very good teacher I'd say! I can't see them because the fence is concrete between the homes, but I'm really curious now!!! These people have gone from a distraction to a source of curiousity...interesting. Now they really are a distraction because I've now become more interested in what they're doing than what I'm doing. I think that's ok. I feel like that's natural because there's always an opportunity to learn, whether it be about yourself or about others (which is really about yourself anyway). Maybe distractions are the Universe's subtle hints to have a little more balance. As long as you trust your intuition to know when to allow distractions and when to continue with your work, I feel that's exactly what it is. The Universe is perfect and wants balance for everyone, it's us and our thoughts, conditioning, what we think we 'should' do that creates the imbalances in our life.

Giving and receiving is just like talking and listening! Let's say you were having a conversation with a chatty person and you couldn't get a word in edgewise. You receive and listen so much that you can't take anymore (even though you may not realize this), so you create a distraction for yourself, whether intentionally or not. So that you can talk, get away and speak/give either to that person or someone else. You intuitively find a way to create the balance! The tricky thing is that your emotions prevent you from seeing that you are creating that balance. Or maybe they are indicators to remind us to find some balance. Hmm...I might just play with this for a little while and see what happens.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snowboarding...Life Lessons Revealed

Yesterday Ben took Katie and I snowboarding up at Keystone which is about an hour outside of Denver. I was super excited about learning to snowboard because it's been something that I've wanted to do for a while now! And of course it was something new for me to learn!

We geared up and Ben gave me my first lesson. He taught me how to ride my heel edge, and we made an attempt at a toe edge which ended with me flat on my back. When you're using a toe edge you're supposed to stay far far away from that heel edge! It's deadly! He left Katie and I to practice while he did some runs of his own on another hill. It was good. I got a good feel for what I was capable of, but also what I needed help with for when he got back. Needless to say I spent most of the day on my ass or trying to get back on a part of the hill that would actually allow me to move!

What would have taken Ben probably 10 mins to get down ended up taking us probably like an hour and a half. This was the real test for me. Can I make it down the mountain and back to the parking lot fully intact both mentally and physically?

It was a long journey down that hill that never seemed to end, but a big learn for me as well. Since reading Dan Millman "The Life You Were Born to Live" I've experienced many situations in which I'm faced with a choice....continue to do what I was doing before or recognize what I'm doing and choose differently.

In the case of snowboarding it was about taking the time to learn the steps. Normally I'd say ok tell me what to do and I'll just go do it my own way......on the mountain yesterday there was no chance for that. Snowboarding is a process. You must learn the basics and how to control your movement to get anywhere. Once you have the basics, you need to practice them. Then after that I'm sure you can learn to do more. If I didn't enjoy snowboarding so much I'd probably just fly down the mountain, falling, doing whatever it took just to get to the bottom. For me snowboarding was the perfect challenge; not to big that I wanted to say 'f*^k it!' and just big enough that I'd be willing to put the effort in to practice and be patient just to have the success of making it down a hill without falling! It was easy for me to listen to instruction and implement it, but it was a challenge for me keep my cool after falling and to get up and do it again with the same amount of diligence and effort each time. It was easy for me to do turns when I had someone to talk me through it, but it was a challenge to talk myself through it and not get caught up in "am I doing this right? why am I not moving fast enough? stay off your toe edge!" The lesson in that was to take my time. There is no need to rush anything, it will come with practice. Follow the steps and get a good foundation and then take it from there. Get into your body and out of your head. Have patience with the process!!! It's not a wham bam thank-ya ma'am process, just like life isn't either. We're here to live it and all the processes along the way, forcing things only takes the joy out of the whole picture.

After we got done, I felt like absolute crap. 'Feel the burn' has a whole new meaning for me now and all those suicide drills in volleyball and basketball practice in highschool seem so easy in comparison to my snowboarding adventure. It was a bit of a reminder of Warrior camp as well. A reminder that I am a Warrior. I did what was hard, I never gave up, I acted in spite of my mood and inspite of fear at times as well. I saw it through to the finish line. As a Wizard I accepted the support of others instead of trying to do it all on my own, I stayed calm, I went with the flow (as much as I allowed myself to) and I accepted and utilized what was. Towards the end of the hill, it was no longer a learning about how to snowboard. My physical body just couldn't take it, I accepted that I just needed to make it to the bottom of the hill and I used that as a learning experience about myself, about what I'm capable of and what I can really do when I feel like I've got nothing left. In my mind I pretty much said, "Ok, this last bit of the hill is going to teach/show you a lot about yourself, what are you going to do? What choices are you going to make to get yourself down that hill?" I'm being completely honest when I say that I'm not sure if I would have made it to the bottom of the hill if Ben hadn't stuck back and waited for me. I would love to say that the Warrior in me would have kicked in and pushed me through, but I'm not sure...and I'm fully willing to admit that. Ben kept me focused, in the present. Just another reminder that I need people in my life to hold me accountable and to support me, to keep me on track when I'm lost in my thoughts. Someone to say "dude, I know you can do this, you're not copping out now, you're almost there".

Along the way we think that life is meant to be lived. It is, but it's also meant to be learned. There is always something new to learn about yourself, or always something you might need to be reminded of. Being aware of it is the first step.

I look forward to the next time I go snowboarding....which might be a while considering I feel like I got hit by a bus! And maybe next time....some butt pads!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A New Chapter

It was a long drive out to Colorado, but well worth the time and lack of sleep. I feel at home here and that sense of peace is my confirmation that I am in the right place and doing the right thing right now. It's bee a learning experience for me, as everything in life is and stopping to smell the roses or see what is really going on has been something I haven't been doing lately.

My sister and I are staying with our friend Ben and he's got this great book by Dan Millman. "The Life You Were Born to Live: A Guide To Finding Your Life Purpose". It's very interesting and so very accurate!!! Even after endless hours in courses and reading countless spiritual books I am still amazing (yes I am amazing!), I mean amazed :) at how much more I have to learn. This book uses your birthday and numerology to show us what traits we have brought with us in this lifetime, what challenges and obstacles we are here to overcome and experience as well as the mountains we are to climb to fulfill our purpose only to find that it doesn't end! "Your parents gave you a name, the Universe gave you a number."

My number is 34/7. The 7 indicates my primary purpose or lessons for this lifetime which is Trust and Openness. The 3 and 4 are other vital parts of my birth number which are Expression and Sensitivity, Stability and Process. Then there is also a bit about the combination of numbers, which I haven't yet got to as I'm still reeling from the fact that this book has me absolutely pegged!!!

The interesting thing is that since learning about my tendencies and my traits I have become more aware of them and how they are operating my life in both positive and negative ways. My tendency towards paranoia as a 7 leads me to have a sense of fear about 'missing out' on something or 'losing an opportunity or chance' as well as creating crazy insane stories about events that don't even happen!!! It's costing me enjoying the present moment and going with the flow. It is most definitely a trait I had not understood until I read the book. Another is my impatience that causes me to skip steps, miss instructions, jump to conclusions, do things half goes hand in hand with my paranoia. My impatience is what leads to my paranoia. If I had enough patience to see things through step by step instead of leaping across the river, I'd save myself a lot of frustration. The paranoia is also what has stopped me from trusting myself, others and the universe and has kept me closed up and guarded my entire life. Only in the last year have I really begun to open up to this concept and more recently begin to trust myself and the universe.

I'm very greatful that my sister is with me for this journey and road trip, because she has proved not only a great friend, but also a great warrior who speaks her truth and calls me on all my shit! As well, she seems to be having a blast and that makes me happy to see her happy. We feed off each other and so far it's been a great time! I'm glad our relationship has grown to a level where we can bitch at each other and still laugh our asses off in the process! I look forward to what this new chapter brings.

Check out this thing called 'life', it's pretty cool when you see it for what it is...everything!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Little Direction Please?

It's been a month since I decided to leave my position at the Chiropractic Clinic. The plan was to go out to Colorado and possibly move there, but now knowing when my intuition is speaking to me, there was a lot of hesitancy. I did my acting and attracting, but something just wasn't sitting right with me. Then came the long awaited weekend at Life Directions Intensive! Boy did I need that!

When I look back at how I created all of this it goes all the way back to my 4th year of university, sitting on my floor and saying, "I'd really like to help change the world." Then I had so much on my plate I never thought anything about until I was in New Zealand and 4 of the 26 kids in my class had any aspiration to become something other than a factory worker. Half of them didn't realize that they could even become anything! And the voice in my head said to me, "You've got to do something, not enough is being done to show these kids their potential!" And so it began. It started off as culture shock coming home from Australia and itching to be anywhere but here, then it was complete confusion, frustration, anger with myself and my relationships. I freed myself, I did the most difficult thing I've ever done in my life...I followed my heart and ended a 3 year relationship. After a day of crying I woke up expecting the tears and found only clarity. It was so clear! It was like having new eyes, new ears and a new purpose for being and then I began my quest for knowledge and my journey with Peak Potentials. It was at the very first course I knew I was going to be doing major changes with kids and youth on the planet.

I just re-read all of my posts from the beginning because it's been an interesting journey and I know that my thoughts and perspectives have changed. What was really interesting watching myself grapple with the lessons I was learning. Twisting them, making bold committments, asking lots of questions. I was trying to piece together the puzzle so it would finally make sense. And it does because in that moment that was who I was and what I was thinking. The part I was missing was that it doesn't always have to make sense. Just because you're putting together the puzzle doesn't mean it has to get done today! It's a work in progress, life is a work in progress, when you find more pieces sometimes it takes a while before you figure out where it goes.

Life Directions was a BIG piece of my puzzle. How was I supposed to combine all of my passions and live my vision. It was all such a hurricane for me. Teach, travel, write, not have a J.O.B., become financially free, work with youth??? Until you see it, you can't imagine how the hell any of it will work!!!! Had I taken LD prior to all the other courses, I wouldn't be as on track as I am right now. That's how I work, I need all the info up front, or enough to get me going so that when I see the window of opportunity I'm ready to jump fast! Well, I'm ready to jump now!

At LD I discovered or maybe I should say confirmed that my mission in this lifetime is to teach youth to live in their higher selves. What is interesting is that no matter how on or off purpose you think you are, you are always living your mission. It is your soul. If you feel like you're off purpose then you're just learning what you need to learn before you realize why you needed to learn that! Your purpose for being on this earth is to add value to other people's lives, to help them in some way (art, writing, music, building, being a free spirit). The challenges you have overcome in your life give an indication as to who you can help, how you can help and why you want to help. Usually you want to help because you don't want anyone to have to go through what you went through! So there's your mission and then there's your vision. Your vision is your vehicle to live your mission. It's the HOW to live your mission.

My mission was clear, but my vision was fuzzy. I had a general idea, but my intuition was telling me that something was missing. One of the coaches at the event helped me considerably in this regard. He said, "You know your mission, that will not change, but for your vision, what is it that you feel 'called' to do right now?". And so I sat with that on Tuesday morning after the course and immediately, no hesitation came travel and write. It fit perfectly into my sister's vision of travelling and learning more about healing arts so we do it together! We're going on a road trip across North America to see people, sites and gather information for our 3-5 year vision! We will have a blog showing exactly where we are, what we're up to and what we're learning and I intend to keep this one rolling as much as possible too!

My question is to you- What is your direction? Which way will you go when you are at a crossroads?

The heart has no questions....only answers.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Finally Wrote a Story!!!!!!

I have had many experiences where it seems that time slows down and you are acutely aware of everything going on around you. Last April was one of those times. My dad and I were headed into a course called Train the Trainer and along the hall this man is walking along side us and introduces himself as Dennis. I had NO idea who this guy was, for all I knew, he was attending the course with us, but I can say that I will never forget that moment. For whatever reason it was as if time stood still. I can remember shaking his hand, seeing his rolly carry-on bag, noticing how kind his eyes and smile were and then time clicked back into play.

After the course he was giving away bracelets that his daughter had made. To some this would seem silly, but if you had heard about Lauren, you would realize that these bracelets were more than just accessories. To this day I believe that I recieved the exact bracelet I did, with the colours that were on it for very specific reasons. Lauren is a 10 year old girl who was diagnosed with a tumor at a very young age which has resulted in blindness. She is also a very gifted young lady having created magnificent bracelets and practically creating her own business out of it!

I don't know Lauren personally, but I do know that after recieving that bracelet I was inspired to begin writing. After the course I checked out her website and wrote in her guestbook about meeting her dad and recieving her bracelet and that it had inspired me to write. I believe I said I was going to write a children's book and she would get the first copy. Well, there were so many times I would sit down to write and nothing would happen. For a while I just let it be and focused on other things.

There are some things that you let be and you forget about them, but this just kept popping into my mind like when your dog wants to play, but you're not in the mood. Finally, tonight, for whatever reason I sat and wrote! I didn't write a children's book, although it could be if I really wanted it to be. I wrote a story!

The Wizard and the Warrior; Attraction and action. It would like to do something with this story, but right now I'm celebrating because I have finally fulfilled a promise, not only to myself, but to Lauren and the Universe!

Call me silly, but I truly do believe that my orange and yellow bracelet was truly meant for me and only me on the weekend I reclaimed the sunshine back into my being. GOOD DAY SUNSHINE!!!! Yesssss!!! Thank you Dennis, for you cannot know how truly grateful I am for the little, yet monumental things you have helped me to see.