Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Little DIY - Picture Frame Earring Organizer

I KNOW this is not my typical 'Here Comes the Sun Post'. Over the last year I have been dabbling in a lot of DIY projects and I've been trying to get them up on Pinterest without having to create entire blog posts on here, but they only give me 500 characters! The teacher in me cannot condense it THAT much! :) So be ready to see some more of these

Picture Frame Earring Orgainzer

1) Find a picture frame and dismantle/paint/make it how you want it to look - I just bought this from a 2nd hand store, scrapped the painting and used both the inner and outer frames for projects.

2) Create your lines/wires/ribbons to hang/pin your earrings on. I used regular crafting ribbon to pin my studded earrings and then two 1/4 inch thick wires for the hanging ones and wrapped the wires in the same colour ribbon. I taped them on the end. (This was a bit of a process. I think I'll do it differently next time. I also had to pre-poke holes with a sharp pin before putting the studs through because they don't go through that ribbon easily. Next time maybe I'll use burlap or screen or something less tightly woven)

3) Test the various lengths of your hanging earrings to ensure they stay within your frame (if that's what you want)

4) Staple/tape/nail/pin/glue the ribbon and wires in place (i used staples b/c I was impatient when I did this) I made loops for the wires to move in and out of (non necessary) but you do want them all to stay put! So do whatever you gotta do.

 5) Put your earrings on it and voila! - When you are done you want to make sure there is a bit of room between the wall and the frame. I put two of typical pushpins on the corners of the back of the frame at the top so it leaned up against the wall without the earrings touching - otherwise the earrings don't have enough room to hang properly.

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