Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wizards and Magic Revived

Almost a year ago today I attended Wizard Training Camp in Ellenville, NY as a participant. My first camp of Peak Potentials and without any prior Enlightened Warrior experience (as most others had). Wizard camp changed my entire being. I became 'Whispering Willow' and realized many truths about myself that would have remained undiscovered; I physically felt different after having attended that camp.

Some believe and others don't, in the spiritual nature of our existence. I do for I have experienced it on many levels. Wizard camp being one of the places I was blessed to have an experience...or many I should say. Over the past year I have grown into something more than what I ever thought I could be. I'm still me, but my thoughts and my actions are greater than I would have ever taken if I didn't have the knowledge I do now.

As I helped set up Wizard camp as a volunteer, last week in Squamish, BC, I had a strangely familiar feeling of 'wow, this is unreal' wash over me. I looked at my good friend Jessica and said, "Two years ago I would never have thought I'd be in Squamish, BC let alone setting up for something called Wizard camp." This has been a common occurrance for me lately as I continue to grow and experience amazing people, places and things beyond my comprehension. The connectedness we all share on this planet is undeniably present and by no accident am I where I am today. I can say I am exactly where I am supposed to be and I am soooooo in my element when I am helping and serving others at these programs and more specifically camps!!!

The synchronicity of it all was much so it's eerie! I got to tag along with two groups that had some of my dearest friends from Warrior in them, they did the exact same rotation I did when I was at my camp, I got to go through a process with one of my Warrior mates because their group was short a person. It all just fell into place. I was there because of them and they were there because of me. Just as I am here writing for all of you and you are here reading and doing your thing for me.
Maybe you're reading this because you too, have an understanding of something greater, but are not sure how to access it or utilize it. Or maybe you do not believe and my writing is here to challenge your beliefs or lack of beliefs. I don't know what my purpose is in your life until you realize it and understand how my piece of the puzzle fits with yours. Not everything is mean to be understood in this moment, that's why we have a lifetime to experience it.

I set the intention last summer that I was going to volunteer at a Wizard and Warrior camp not knowing where or how it was going to happen and voila, it shows up in even more amazing ways than I can ever imagine. Returning to Wizard camp I realized that I was no longer 'Whispering Willow'. I had outgrown my old Wizard name and into a far more fitting Wizard, 'Whisper in the Breeze'. It's a very fulfilling feeling knowing that things serve you for a period of time, but at any time those things no longer fit, something new is there to replace it; a more fitting version of the old or something entirely different.

My biggest learn from Wizard camp this time around is to stay present and open so that I can be the best me possible for those I am here to serve.

Wow, that's solid...did I just write that?

That is what I am talking about! The deeper understanding of purpose and connection to spirit and each other. My inner Wizard is nodding in agreement and at the same time telling me, "There is much more for us all to learn, you've only just begun the journey. Stay open and present and watch what you are capable of."

And with that... So Be It.

Friday, July 10, 2009

It's a Simple Life

It's been a long while since I last posted on my blog. Being on the road has certainly deterred my mind from this blog and has focused it on Lost On Purpose. It's been so much fun travelling and blogging. I never knew how creative blogging could be. I mean with videos and collages and planning adventures...the fun never stops.

Having said that, it is a different way of living. A simple way of living. One backpack, a cooler, tent and sleeping bags...and a laptop. Coming back to Vancouver was a pretty big wake up call. I over packed big time! But we had no idea what we'd be doing and how long we'd be away; and we still have no idea!

It's taught me a lot, travelling in a car, about what one really needs in this lifetime. TVs are nice, but a total distraction and sometimes a type of substance abuse. The internet is great, but too much time on it robs you of precious time to do other activities that can connect you to yourself, others or nature. A is such a blessing! I am eternally greatful to have a set of wheels that is reliable and big enough to sleep in :) , but proper maintenance is a MUST! I've learned more about cars on this trip that I ever did driving my own.

Clothing can be worn and reworn and air it out every now and again. You really don't need much and often over pack wearing some things over and over again anyway because, "Why dirty something when you've already got stuff that's sorta dirty?" Shoes! Oh boy...flip flops and runners...on a roadtrip, there is no need for anything else! Who the hell are you going to impress in heels at a campsite?! Guys, I know you like heels, but give us travellers a bit of a break, you're lucky if I put on a pair of jeans and some make-up!

Basically, all that 'stuff' I've accumulated to decorate my non-existent future home is just that...'stuff'. It keeps me from living in the present. When you don't have all those distractions and all those material things, all you have is you and whatever is around you in that moment. And that's all you ever's bliss.