Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Rant From June ;) : Perception

I've been contemplating, in my serious ways, why we do what we do, why we seek what we seek and whether it really matters so long as everyone is happy and healthy. Well, I suppose there-in lies the facts; there are humans on this planet who are sick and unhappy, some without even the basic neccessities of food. So then that brings me back to why do we do what we do knowing that there are people who are unhappy and unhealthy.

I understand this is all open to interpretation based on individual perception; the paradoxes we live in, "They are sick and unhappy...or are they?" and according to what standards...the ones we made up? Who said those standards were the ones everything had to be measured against? Why do we have to be measured against anybody...What does comparison really entail? Is it really objective, unbaised, based on facts?

"For ever reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction." (see I did pay attention in class) Why is it that this has only been taught in science classes? It's true for every other area of life too! It's all energy, we're all energy, all connected. If you think that all the stuff going on in the world is because of someone or something evil, look in the mirror...is it you who continues to perpetuate thoughts of ignorance, arrogance, superiority and domination? Or is it you who perpetuates thoughts of unity, peace and love?

The world is in the state it is in because we, collectively as a human race have created it to be that way. Recognize for a second that the only difference between you and ANYONE, is the way you percieve any situation you are presented with and the choices you make because of it. I decided a long time ago, on my own accord, I wanted to help change the world and over the last 6 years I have come closer to alignment with that statement. My attention focuses on positive, good and loving things. It acknowledges all the crap and sees the truth in it and continues on it's merry way. 'Oh things that appear bad and wrong and not of love; I appreciate you stopping by, however.........I've got better things to focus on.'

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What's Your Dream Today?

This was my 'random question of the day' posed to me by none other than my Blogger account. It's a bit bizzare having my computer ask ME questions... and then again it isn't. It is making me think though, what is my dream today?

I suppose that my dream for today is that I continue to see Who I Am and to remember all the greatness I possess within myself. It is also my dream that as I remember these things that I find the courage to BE them and embody and express them in greatest ways possible.

Having expressed that is step one.

What is your dream today?