Thursday, April 7, 2011

When You Make The First Dollar

I am currently at Ultimate Internet Bootcamp in New Jersey and I am learning how to create a website that actually makes money. I have had more than enough breakthroughs in the first three days to keep me busy in analysis for a LONG time. At the same time I've made so much progress that I've already made money while I have been here! Currently we are in the process of having a contest for our new $1 Guide that we created!

It became very clear to me this week that what I thought I wanted to help people with was indeed something very different than what I actually help people with and like doing! As you well know, I write a lot about how everything in my life helps me to better understand who I am and as a result of that I now have a guide to help others!

I am so excited that I actually created something that is simple and easy to understand for other people to better understand themselves! AND it's only $1!

I would love if you would support me in means the world that I can share something to help others find that more clarity in understanding who they are.

If you are game and open to taking a risk for $1 on what I have to offer, I will be so very very greatful!

I love you guys. Your support is continually encouraging me to continue sharing my gift and helping others.

Click on the link to get your $1 Guide!

Much love.