Friday, November 19, 2010

This Magic Moment

For the last few months living with Mary and not 'mary-jane' Mary and Jane (lol) I have been a bit of a willing guinea pig for the two of them on their journey to becoming Bio Energy Practitioners. Being the magician that I am, I have manifested energy treatments nearly daily, at the very least weeklly and I've been loving it. Not only do they get to practice, but I get to have my energy moved, removed and revitalized! I have an entirely different understanding of my body and it's functions as a result of this process.

I don't have any physical ailments that I am aware of other than my back, which has been a bit of a mystery. It's good, then not so good. So I jut remained open, usually sensing into my body and letting them know where I felt stuck or heavy or just yucky. And Bio Energy focuses on the chakras, our body's energy centres. There are seven of them each represented by a different colour and each takes on areas of our body as well as our life. So for me I began with clearing a lot of emotional energy and now it's really sort of become 'past' memory energy that has lodged in my energy whether from my past in my current life or in past lives. My sense is that most of it is rooted in my past lives because I've been getting visions and emotions that have been coming up that are completely unrelated to anything that has gone on in this lifetime.

Yesterday my treatment was about letting go. That was my intention, just to let go of everything that was stuck and midway through the process I started laughing, nearly hysterically. Anyone who knows me, knows this isn't entirely out of the ordinary, but for me it was even a bit odd. I just took it as a new way to release energy I didn't know what to do with. Kind of like the nervous laugh some of us get when we feel awkward or embarassed.

So anyways, in today session all I had to do was think the words 'letting go' and I busted out in laughter. Tonight as I was walking home I had a bit of an epiphany about this nasty fear of being left completely alone by everyone I know to fend for myself and just as I was about to start analyzing it, it became very quiet. I watched a girl cross her bike across the road and while she was waiting for the 'walk' sign to pop up she began singing. It was like angels! She hopped on her bike and rode past me still singing the melody and I was absolutely in awe. It was as if time stopped, which of course it did, and whatever I was about to analyze just disappeared. I looked for the anguish to come up again and all I got was laughter. I laughed for about a block before I quieted down and kept walking.

I will take the laughter over tears any day, I will release with joy instead of sadness anyday and I will gladly 'let go' of everything with a laugh if that's all it's going to take. And this totally fits into my paradigm of disease meaing that my body is at dis-ease with itself and that physical ailments are an accumulation of built up and stuck emotional, psychological and spiritual energy. Thinking about medicine these days floors me. Where most people would use alternative therapies as a last resort, I'd do the opposite...unless of course it was an emergency. My life and my body is too valuable to me to have all those chemical combos injected and ingested.

I'm always open to new types of experiences and for a long time I just really liked how relaxed I was able to get while receiving the treatment, and of course, it was doing a good job of helping me to clear some things. Now though, I see that moving all this energy, detoxing my energy centres to increase their function and allowing myself to experience myself letting go with the assistance of someone who has some's pretty priceless if you ask me. No needles, no probes or machines, just energy, just two people, just love and light. It's simple...

And I quite like when they come back from their monthly workshops because they always have these new techniques that are more intense and more effective. It's like this process unfolding before me and their skills becoming more honed and precise. It's a beautiful thing!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Messenger

I have always been a vessel for truth. I have not always known this; in fact I thought I was the opposite in a sense of trying to sugar coat things to make them sound and look like something better or less abrasive. But the truth is, I deliver messages in a very straight forward way. Sometimes without a filter and other times with love and careful consideration. I love delivering messages. It makes me happy.

Do what makes you happy seems easy enough and it is. It's when doing what makes you happy becomes a constant stream of messages that it becomes a bit of a challenge. The challenge for me is that I see things and feel things that I have difficultly experiencing and want to share even though it's not wanting to be heard.

I'll give you an example. Riding the bus home tonight three people in their early 20s were sitting next to each other, not friends at all. I looked over at them; one girl in between the two guys and instantly I saw them as brothers and sisters. She was the youngest and they always protected her. I just smiled. THAT I can handle.

Another incident haning out with a friend I began to see visions of him in uniform, recognizing his soul as a soul I have encountered before in other lifetimes, sometimes romantically, most times as great friends, but regardless of the previous relationships there is a serious energetic connection, if not attachment. It's that heart pull, that expansion of wanting to just hug them and hold them and say 'Oh my gosh, we found each other again!' that has me troubled. Thankfully he has a belief in past lives so at least I could nod and smile when he was telling me some stuff, but it was really difficult for me to feel all the emotions inside, knowing they were mine to experience. It has been difficult for me to just 'be' in those moments and take them deeper into love instead of blurting them out and running from them.

I'm watching what makes me stronger in my life and it's never the wild abandon of expressing everything that comes to mind, it's the 'sitting in the middle of it all' and harnessing the power of chaos and grounding it within me, the deep breathing that helps me to take the next step and the next after that.
It's recognizing the power of that chaos and transmuting it into my own power to create and manifest life as I see and desire it.

It's not about breathing through things anymore, it's about breathing it all in and through alchemy making it a part of my process and then turning it out as gold when the time is right. This alone takes strength and a belief in one's own power over their path.

Having realized all of this, perhaps it might be a bit easier to sit in those moments as I now understand that owning all that love from previous lives and owning all that gratitude for the reconnection is a part of living into my own power, my own truth and my own purpose. It's another confirmation that, yes indeed there is something greater going on.

Monday, November 15, 2010

When Seeds Become Plants

It usually starts with a dream or a day dream, or an absolutely directly inspired thought. My journey began tripping over a book that would forever shift my entire life.

I had never been one for self-help books, but when I was looking for work/money and kicked Secrets of the Millionaire Mind across the floor of my dad's apartment something inside of me lit up. (Ya, that's right Harv, I kicked your As I ate up every word I vividly remember repeating the phrase, "This makes SO much sense!" over and over and over. And then I finished it and read it again.

The first course I went to, with MAJOR resistance, was dry wood on that fire inside (and it wasn't the typical entry course). I knew that I knew that I knew I would in some way, shape or form work with this company. And so the seed was planted. I never even thought I was good enough to work for the company, but I trusted that feeling and thought from deep within and as I progressed through program after program, then volunteering for course after camp (YAY CAMP!) that feeling that I knew that I knew that I knew began to creep back up. Even when I was sure that I was sure that I was sure that I was done with attending and volunteering, that part that knew that I knew kept coming back firm and always with love.

Now that seed that was planted two years ago has finally began to sprout! It's budding and I'm being shown patience at its best and focus at its finest. I know that I know that I know I am in EXACTLY the right position within this company because it is exactly taking form of the seed I planted and have been watering, wondering when it would sprout.

To top it off it's perfectly in line with my mission of empowering people to remember and live thier truth. I have yet to discover any company that fast tracks people into authenticity of being as the one I work for now. And it's two fold. Not only do I get to help the company grow and expand, but I also get to do the work I want to do so I can grow! I get to manage people, and empower them and create community and love and put people into transformational programs so they can shift the world.

I'm asking you to check out the Millionaire Mind Intensive. I've asked some of you to check it out before and I'm asking you to check it out again. Both you and the program have changed. You are no longer the same person I spoke to the last time. You've grown, you've shifted, you've opened up to new and exciting ideas. The program has evolved. Being a millionaire today doesn't have the same energy it did one or two years ago. In today's economy, nothing around money does, except that we still need it! Financial Freedom on the other hand; THAT is a practical and sought after personal situation that is easily achievable when given the right tools.

The new program features two days of reviewing and revamping that financial blueprint you are currently living in and the third day is all about focusing on your financial freedom and whatever that looks like to you!

Apparently this program isn't for everyone. Apparently there are people out there who are so happy with their current financial situation they'd prefer to sit at home while the rest of us learn about ways to maximize what we have so we can minimize our dependency on it which in turn maximizes our ability to actually live life fully.

This program for me has been about liberating myself from my own bad habits and conditioning so I can build a foundation with practical, not trendy, practical tools so I can live the life I want to live.

If it's for you...awesome I'll see you there. If it's not for you, that's awesome too. All I ask is that you ask yourself if you are truly, deep down, fulfilled, not just happy, but fulfilled with the life you are living; or do you find yourself wondering, 'There's gotta be something more...'

Millionaire Mind and Financial Freedom Intensive

Are your seeds sprouting?

~If you have any questions drop me a line.

The Closest Thing to Right

The closest thing to right
Was when I held your hand
Sometimes loose, sometimes tight
You were indeed a man.

The closest thing to right
Your presence piercing mine
You held me through the night
I opened to unwind

The closest thing to right
The words you spoke so clear
My chest, my face held tight
A stream of flowing tears

The closest thing to right
The furthest thing from wrong
We walked away with light
Each with our own song

The closest thing to right
Was standing next to you
Intending with my might
That you'd intend it too

The closest thing to right
It seems has flown away
I want so bad to fight
For just another day

With the closest thing to right
But it won't pick up its phone
It won't reply to emails
It's in the twilight zone

The closest thing to right
I have met my match so far
I've given up the fight
I'll love my battle scar

For the closest thing to right
It seems it may be wrong
Or the timing, it just might
Play out to be too long

The closest thing to right
I'm ready to part ways
The hope, it will shine bright
Upon the coming days

The closest thing to right
From you it is hard to walk
I want to stay and fight
But I've stopped trying to talk

The closest thing to right
I thank you for your time,
Your kiss, your touch, your loving heart
And mostly your calm eyes.

The closest thing to right
For if you did not know
Your soul and mine connected
Many moments lost in flow

Without your heart and soul you see
We never would have met
I would have stopped and looked at you
And well...that's probably it.

I feel you in the night time
The day time you're there too
I love the loving energy
You keep on passing through

If I'm smart I'd turn the sound off
To your caring coaxing voice
But then you just get louder
It seems I have no choice

But to listen to your guidance
Whatever it may be
And maybe one day shortly
Free of you I'll be

It will make my heart seem empty
To have lost a loving friend
And somehow I see it happy
And open to love again.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

What Dreams May Come

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you wake up and you're still not quite out of it? You're still sort of feeling the emotions of it even though you know it's only a dream?

Well if not then you're gonna hear about it anyways! :)

My dream the other night was quite wild. Normally I wouldn't feel compelled to share my dreams to everyone, but when I woke up I immediately felt that it needed to be shared. Perhaps it was the fact that John Lennon was in my dream (! YES !) or maybe because I woke up with the emotions from the me in my dream. I do know though, that my dream is a message I need help decoding or whatever. Or I could give it a title, like John Kehoe says to do in Mind Power, in which case it would be, "Holy Shit I Dated John Lennon"

To my recollection, it begins with me in a retail store, a wall of shoes that I keep fixing and organizing, heels, glittery, flats and flip flops. Then I see myself walking towards the cash and reading my own mind of "I'm so done here." So I turn around, walk past all the shoes and I enter this display area of sorts and I'm looking at a giant (the largest) Apple desktop with a collage of photos on it. Not photos of me, photos of my ex-boyfriends in their youth, with their friends, at parties, etc. One in particular, and even writing about it, I'm feeling it in my heart, a sadness. I move on from there and see pictures of my family, of my family at our cottage, just as they are on our cottage wall and then I'm suddenly in a record/bookstore of sorts. Wood panelling, musty and in a corner FILLED with Beatles pictures (which makes me happy!) and I'm IN the photos. My 'now' mind loves this, I'm hanging with the Beatles. And as I move on from those photos I see a young guy looking identical to John Lennon before he died (long hair, round sun glasses). He walks past me and smiles and as I pass him, I knock over all the books on the table behind me. And of course my alarm goes off.

And then, of course, today in Starbucks, I'm flipping through thier little collection of CDs which is usally all the same, but there was a John Lennon tribute CD in there. So as of late, I'm being inudated with John Lennon; Shane Koyczan's This Is My Voice Speech.

'Imagine if we could still hear John Lennon play!'
Maybe I did date John Lennon in a previous life when I wasn't Kelly and he wasn't John, but then again we've always been Kelly and John because the reality is that in dreams, just as in life, it's all happening now; the past, the present and the future. Our perceptions of limits of time and space keep us grounded here on earth, but what really counts is that we understand that we are earth, that dreams really can come true or already have, in which case I'm really starting to get curious about that post board with
As 'time' passes by
and I sit with my wine
My mind gets so quiet
It's no longer a riot
And John Lennon or not
I'm always this hot
With the words on my mind
They unravel from bind
Into dreams made real
Into words that heal
The heart and the soul
We can never grow old
And with a nod and a smile
I walk down the aisle
To a warm comfy bed
For the night, I rest my head.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Surely to God...or is it Shirley to God?

After Mary nearly coughed up a lung (which has been waiting to be dislodged for nearly a month), I said to her, "You're spending two days in a healing environment surely to God someone can help you out!" To which she replied, "SURELY TO GOD". And a thought hit me, 'Where on earth did that saying come from.' Perhaps it was a Shirley talking to God!

Like a transmission over a radio....'Shirley to God...are you there?' Really, it's not so far fetched...and then again it is quite out there. But since saying that I'm not unconvinced that it's such a wacky idea to implement. 'Kelly to God...are you there?' If Elizabeth Gilbert can write a best selling novel turned movie that has those exact lines in it, there must be something to it!

I anticipated that this post might be funny and light hearted, and here I go again delving into the depth of an apparently superficial comment that SO many people make on a daily basis. Surely to God is right! And really, what on earth does that mean? I know it implies that surely, by God, it must be possible, available, doable... but I'm liking my new interpretations. If Shirley's gonna communicate with God, then surely to God I will too! :)

I mean...I communicate with God all the time anyways. We're pretty tight. Without going into crazy detail and my spiritual beliefs, which I believe many of you understand anyways, I'd say we've got a damn good relationship kickin' these days. And I always joke about me and J.C. being tight, but it's really not a joke, we are tight! I mean if we're conscious and coming from love, essentially we're all following his path in one form or another. I really don't get why people see him as SO different than us. He WAS human after all! He possessed the powers that we all possess and so regularly supress. He was enlightened, he was clear...he was a carpenter.

Anyhow, Shirley to God over and out.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Clothing Crisis Understood

The other night before I headed out I was having one of those moments where I put on clothes, take off clothes, put on something different and try something different to dress it up or down or sideways.... I had no frickin' clue what to wear. I tried to think back of the first outfit that popped into my head to wear and I couldn't. Usually that's the one I end up wearing out. Trust my intuition.

So I ended up just going casual, which for some people is like bumming around. Jeans, a plaid shirt and my Converse. I was comfy. My other option was jeans, a nice black top and heels. Not so 'comfy' per se, but definitely looking good.

So in the process of doing this I realized I had this dilemma of sorts. I was fighting between these two 'looks' and wondering which was better, worse, cute, sexy, over done, under dressed and as I sat on the bus to the east side I got it. It's not an issue I have, but it is something I am working on. I like to look put together. I like to wear heels, on occassion. And when I do I feel a bit sassy, a bit sexier and a bit more powerful. And THAT, that powerful, is what I am struggling with. I want my inner strength and power to be visible regardless of what I am wearing and I want to feel it regardless of the kind of shoes I'm wearing. And I DO. My concern, which is totally BS is that others won't. My concern is that others will judge based on what I'm wearing. And to a certain degree I feel this is something I'm shifting in the world. Because I'm very curious, regardless of what people wear, I want to know who they are and what they do. Granted, I do make assumptions and then often I am pleasantly surprised when they are proven wrong!

So I suppose, which I have from the beginning, that it really doesn't matter what I wear because if people are shallow enough to make assumptions based on the outside without asking questions about what's on the inside then those aren't the people I want in my life anyways.

This also goes the opposite way. I have many people in my life who are highly influential and in their time in order to be taken seriously you had to look a part and behave a certain way (well sorry to tell you this, but the new children of the world - my generation and younger - we think that's a load of crap) and to a degree that still applies. And yet when I am playing the opposite role of being the powerful woman in my heels and nice black top, people are often surprised if not relieved that at the end of the day I can thrown on my flip flops and some yoga pants and do whatever.

So why is it that our society, over time, has made our outer appearance the indicator of who we are. Why do we need to look 'put together' if that's not who we are. Why do we take jobs that have dress codes...It's a part of understanding who we are and who we are not. Everything in our lives is an opportunity for us to ask ourself - Does this allow me to express who I am within? Does this hinder any and all processes of expressing who I am? Sometimes even in a monkey suit, actually especially in a monkey suit, we are able to express everything that is within because it doesn't matter what we wear, it matters who we are.

I vote that the entire world and work place takes a shift and dresses from casual to business casual on a regular basis at the workplace. Let's all just relax a little! Life is good :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Little Birdie Showed Me :)

I have always been fascinated by nature and more so now because there is so much we can learn from it. Nature has been speaking to me through birds lately.

Last week, it was the beautiful humming bird that hovered in the window for like almost 30 seconds, then it was four eagles in the sky that afternoon, then "a little birdie told me" daily inspirations from The Brave Girls Club and then photos of them EVERYWHERE! Plus the little statue at the ceramics shop today.

So as I was walking home from the bus this afternoon, this little chickadee flies out in front of me on the side walk. I slowed my pace a bit because I knew it was something for me to learn. It hopped along for about five hops and then it flew...a little to the left, off the path, and then back onto the sidewalk for a few more hops, then flew. This repeated for a good 50 mertres until a bike drove by.

As I caught onto the pattern it was showing me a thought came to me. 'Take some steps and then take a leap, take some steps, and take a leap and fly.' And this made total sense for my life at this moment. I've been taking steps and then something comes up that requires me to leap into the unknown. I land there, take some more steps in the direction I'm headed and then take another leap.

When I understood this, I understood the timing of the Universe and my part-time job at the restaurant. I had taken the steps and now it was time to take the leap into the unknown, which for me was to walk away from that job in a respectful manner with my connections still in tact, understanding that something more in alignment with who I am is on the horizon.

As I write that, I'm reminded that yesterday I put out on my FaceBook status that I was stretching myself. I'm opening to more expressions of my intuitive abilities, which is a giant leap for me only because it is taking on some sort of structure in my life and it feels liek it could be home for a while. Until the next leap arrives.

I was reminded today that everything in spirit, more likely than not, comes to us as symbols. Birds...there are messages coming. (Well they can mean anything they want really, but typically it is messages) The bigger the bird the bigger the message. The more birds there are, the more messages there are! This explains EVERYTHING that has been going on for me lately! I am so greatful I am listening!

What is showing up for you lately?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

You Think You Run My Show?

This post could go anywhere so I'm going to let it take us there...

Perhaps I arrived over confident,
Or perhaps you saw a chance,
A chance to make and mold me,
A puppet to do your dance.

I followed your lead with pleasure,
An observer to say the least,
And then the truth comes falling,
At last up on my feet.

My intuition valid,
Which matters not to me,
For in my communication,
I spoke who I wanted to be.

But the skills,
You do not have them,
"Um, did you read my resume Sir?
For in there you'll see
That skills are indeed
Why won't you put me to work?"

You have to be perfect,
You've been out for five years.

"Ya, and what's your point?"

In my head I was screaming,
Just let me get out
And blow this popsicle joint!

"I'm sorry I argued, but let me be clear,
There was no mention of specifics to work here.
Had I known from the start,
I'd be playing that part,
I'd have walked right on by without fear."

And now it shines clearly,
My light through the haze,
A position I've taken
To pass through the days.
And then what awaits me
Tonight as I leave
We'll put you to work,
Can you do it with ease?

In my head starts the screaming
You asshole you prick
If I were a psycho
I'd carry a stick!

A day ago you told me
I did not have the skills
And NOW you think I'm ready????
Are you on pills?!

There's no way I'm going out there
To partake in your little quiz
I'm happy to be an observer
I've caught on to your little biz.

Earn my trust?
Try me.
I'm a hard one to please
Especially when you talk to me
With such little integrity.

I'm still remaining open
To what is to unfold.
I know my future is solid
Where yours is still untold.

You think you run my show now?
Well I beg you to think again.
This brave girl here, there's no stopping.
If you earn her trust, you're in.

And perhaps you want to continue,
To play this little game.
Unfortunate for you your style
Of playing games is lame.

I see right through your story,
Your fake and phony laughs,
Try to be authentic.
Perhaps then you'd change your staff. I'm a little more than frustrated with my part time job. :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Been Renamed 'The Past'

Some people have come into my life for... 'a reason, a season, a lifetime'. And I am very familiar with this saying and I do believe in it's validity for I've experienced it.

I have, at times, become confused with whether some people were to be around for reasons, or seasons; seasons or lifetimes and it really matters very little. I learned a brilliant lesson from a tree today. As I leaned up against its trunk, I felt the need to put my arms out to my sides, slightly bent, like branches with my palms facing up. In my head I heard "You are always open to receiving. When you receive something that serves you, absorb it, allow it to become a part of you and help you grow. When it doesn't serve you, turn your palm over and say 'goodbye' with a smile and allow whatever is next for you to enter your palm."

Someone who entered my life a while ago I decided to rename "The Past" and when I looked at that name instead of their name it became crystal clear in my mind, what was clear in my heart all along. "Why are you holding onto the past? Time to let them go." And with the click of a mouse, 'goodbye'.

To some that may seem calous and rude, and that's fine. I honour that you would choose otherwise. With others I have chosen otherwise. I still love them unconditonally and they will always be a part of my journey. Perhaps they will re-enter my life again for another reason or season and that would be wonderful to see how far we've come. Until then...I let go and make room for more life, my love and more joy.

Keep creating. :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Brave Girls Club

This brave girl...

Women in suits,
Or teens with rubber boots.
Cut and styled hair,
Or frilly pink underwear.

A world with change opens up doors,
A world of change often opens old sores.
A brave girl knows that with change; go with the flow.
A brave girl knows that no matter what, she must go.

She follows her heart.
She knows that she's smart.
She trusts her own kind.
She uses her mind.

Her love is so big.
There's no need to dig
Up the roots that she's grown,
The seeds she has sewn.

A new world she shines,
Amidst old thoughts and minds.
An era of power
With the strength of a tower.

A brave girl she stands
Always holding hands,
With her sisters so near,
And brothers so dear.

This brave girl,
She knows
How it usually goes.
And still she arrives
Changing all lives.

A brave girl she stands,

With outreached hands.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Serving Purpose

On a most brilliant day of miracles last week, I was pulled into a bookstore and led straight into a smiley and warm hearted fellow I'll call T.J. He looked at me and asked me what I thought a 'meem' was. My answer was Beaker from the Muppets. Although amused, he continued on about his friend the physicist or astrophysicist or chemist... an 'ist' of some sort who discovered that meems are the eggs in the collective conscious that create our thoughts and ideas...or something to that effect. Aside from meems we got on the topic of being inutitive, watching the movie 'Hereafter' and jobs/creating opportunities for me to make money.

He made a comment in passing; in relation to what I am not sure. "So what if my parents abused me, that was the only way they knew how to cope with their lives and I was able to be there for them without judgement to heal." And then he continued on about some other person he knew in Ireland with goats... I have an entirely new perspective on the roles we play, on why and where we show up and with whom as well as why and where others show up for us.

I know this might ruffle some if not a lot of feathers. It is a hot topic and has been for a long time whether it's abuse towards people or towards substance. I in no way advocate for these sorts of human acts. I do believe however, that we choose the life experiences we want to have. I never quite understood why people would choose to be abused, but this sheds a new light on the entire concept. And in a greater sense of reality we all did choose to be abused in this life because we do it to ourself all the time, or have done it to ourselves at one point in time. The only difference is that it's between ourself instead of ourself and someone or something else.

So follow me on this one for a minute. You have two people. Say Dad is an abuser and son is the abused. Those two souls have contracted and chosen to be together in this lifetime. That son is continually showing up for his father physically in the act of abuse, but what if on a spiritual level, he is showing up continuously for his father each time to provide yet another opportunity for him to choose differently? For him to stop and understand his abuse is hurtful, not to metion, in some cases illegal. Think of the souls here, not the physical people. That child's soul was contracted to help his father's soul through this process. And vice versa. The dad doing the abusing is continually showing up and beating the boy to encourage (on an subconscious level) that boy to find his inner power, his strength and his voice to walk away and choose a better life and know he deserves the best. Do not attach faces to these's all an illusion anyway, another way to gain experience in physical bodies. a physcial, emotional, psychological sense, in our world, this scenario plays out as perpetrator and victim and that child feels forever abused and angry and resentful and the dad guilty and ashamed. But here's the thing. If that boy found his power, his strength and his voice and chose another life, he succeeded! His soul recognized truth and transformed regardless of how it happened; he progressed. Now if the father saw the opportunities to change and took them and made changes in his life then both were success stories! BUT, if in the course of this contract the boy walked away and was unable to show his father the opportunities to change, it's not his fault, he was contracted to be a part of that process only for so long, he fulfilled his contract and moved on...the soul has no worries, there is no burden to carry, it was never his job to heal him fully, only to be a way shower. And vice versa, the father changed, but the kid never recognized his truth and went on to be abused in every other area of his life, then that wasn't for his father to teach him, he needed to find his strength and voice and power elsewhere and his soul knows this! (Which is why he never changed while with his father)

In every situation the abused is the abuser and the abuser is the abused, the enabler is the enabled and vice versa because both roles reciprocate each other, they serve purpose until purpose is no longer there to serve.

There is a deeper layer to unconditional everything. Do we choose to understand it and use this knowledge to help others or are we content to continually lay blame to the enablers of our world who keep showing up to simply create some peace within the abusers through their release so that perhaps a moment of clarity can emerge? Are we content to continually allow the abused to feel a victim to someone elses sicknesses...our world's sicknesses? Or are we ready to start empowering everyone to find the truth of their situations...regardless of how nasty they may seem in our physical world. If we have chosen to be a part of it we certainly can choose to not be a part of it. The process of liberation may not be simple or quick, but making the choice certainly is.

Just a thought...if we continue to see the labels we put on people that is all they will ever be to us. Perhaps we could see the deeper part of everyone, see the light that shines brightly or only very dimly through cynical and hurt eyes. We are all each other, and we're all serving purpose, all day, every day, for eternity.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Something More in Store...

I went from zero jobs Wednesday at noon to two jobs on Thursday at noon. It's now Monday evening and I'm down to only one job. Apparently my availability didn't suit their needs and to be totally honest, I had a feeling it wasn't going to work out and I'm excited because this means that the Universe has something more for me in mind!

I can only imagine what brilliant things it has thought up for me, or in actuality, what I have thought up for myself! I've felt the shift and I'm anticipating that the other job I have at the moment won't be lasting much longer either. I'm hoping until at least the end of the month, however, I'm open to new and exciting sources of income! I'm just realizing that in the process of setting all those goals last week, I failed to stop and create a plan(s) or brainstorm all the different ways I can bring in money! I just slapped my resume out at a pile of businesses and said, "OK, who wants me!" And that's fine for now because it's keeping me occupied as well as stirring up some great and fascinating questions about what I really want, who I really am and what I'm willing to do and not do.

One brilliant idea I had in the middle of a conversation with my reflection, only my reflection was my boss at the restaurant and I was telling him exactly what I thought of how he treats his staff. Perhaps a workplace/employee relations coach or something to that effect would fit nicely into my repetoire of gifts and skills... I'll put that out to the Universe now.

And then today, as I cashed in the 'Random Act of Kindess' I found on a coffee shop bulletin board (for a MASSAGE!!!!), I pondered doing readings for people, intuitive readings...I'll put that out to the Universe now too!

You know, most people in my situation would never know who to be in this situation. Perhaps driven by fear or maybe just a need to feel successful and productive (which in essence is fear driven from a need for approval anyway) would get frustrated and angry and wonder why the world hates them and whine and complain. I can say this because I've done this, even recently! And then I say, "OK, are you done? Can we look at what other greatness there is to explore now?" and I, in a sucky voice in my head say, "Yeah, OK..." and I move on. I understand that being a creative being means creating things, opportunities, changes in my life and in my path. I understand that where I'm at right now is serving me and I am serving it as well.

It's a fascinating concept and a very supportive space to be in when trust and faith in what is unseen and yet to manifest and my dreams is all I have to work with. Alchemy... :)