Friday, December 5, 2008

Action and Attraction

This was originally a note on Facebook, but it deserves to be posted on here too.

I've been doing a heck of a lot of courses this year. All of them have been about improving my current situation and lifestyle whether it's been financially, with relationships, confidence and inner power, health, you name it, I've likely done some work on it. One of the underlying principles of the courses is The Law of Attraction. In it's simple terms the Law of Attraction means that everything you have now has been attracted into your life by way of your thoughts (subconscious and conscious), feelings and emotions and actions. Everything in your life is a result of those three factors. In my personal experience, this has played out in my financial life, my relationships, the kinds of people I was attracting into my life, my health and my success.

When I first watched The Secret I was like 'sweet I just create a vision board and imagine I've already got it and it will magically appear'...Well somethings appear easier than others. They didn't appear because I was simply putting attention on them, they appeared quicker because I was already taking action towards them! These were simple things like trying a different kind of yoga and going skydiving, eating healthy. They were all things I wanted and because I was already focused on them and acting towards them they appeared very quickly.Now things that have taken a little more time have taken more time because when I first put it out there, those were the things I wanted, but I had no idea how to get them. With time, opportunities have come along or people have 'coincidentally...i think not' appeared in my life that have led me to get those things I wanted.

1st example. I was unemployed all year and towards the end of the summer I felt the urge to get a job so any opportunity that came along I acted on it. Then sure enough as I was thinking to myself "I think I'd like a job where I could get excited about helping people do something for themselves" I got a call for a job at the Chiropractic Clinic I'm working at now. I also knew I needed a place that would allow me to continue to attend the courses at my will...and guess what....this place did! Absolutely Perfect!

2nd. Hadn't played volleyball in months and was looking to get back into it so I put it on my vision board and 2 weeks later i got a call from a friend who needed an extra player for the season. Now I'm playing volleyball again.

3rd. I've been expanding my network of friends and connections for financial purposes in my life for approx 5 weeks and I have manifested at least 5 people who will directly be able to assist me with those ventures in the last 2 weeks! If I hadn't stopped and taken the time to talk to them and ACT on that I would have never known they were exactly who I needed!Now here's the catch, just because you have it doesn't mean you stop acting on it. You've got to keep the momentum going otherwise it all diappears,unless of course, that's what you want it to do.

This is the fun part. Finding the 'Mr or Mrs Right'. I'm no expert in this field by any means, but I know what has worked for me. I created a list of exactly what I'm looking for in a man and when I see it I appreciate it just so that the Universe knows it's on the right track. The men (of all ages) that I've been attracing into my life since writing that list are unbelievable. They are the men you thought never existed on the planet! Do I act on every one I come But when I find one that really sparks an interest....heck yes!!!! I don't care how friggin scared I am to go and talk to them, I take action do it anyway...then I attract a result and understand what it really is or isn't. They may not be Mr Right for the rest of my life, but I'll never know if I don't check it out, they may be Mr. Right Now. It's really about living in the moment, seeing an opportunity and exploring it. Whatever the result, it doesn't matter, at least you know what you're not missing.

The most common reasons for not doing things are fear, not wanting to, not feeling like it, being tired. None of these are physical barriers (well maybe the tired, but there's a difference between tired and lazy!) they are all mental barriers...barriers you can break through! At Enlightened Warrior Training Camp I learned some valuable principles. To act inspite of fear, to act inspite of my mood and to never give up. People think that's a lot of work to get what you want. Well it's not going to magically appear in your stocking this xmas without acting towards it. Without action there is no attraction.

Friday, November 21, 2008

All Your Relations

What an amazing weekend it was to be in the company of great friends and well, An entourage of amazing speakers graced the stage and passed along valueable information that no doubt willchange the way I have relationships forever.

Beginning the weekend off with Dr. Patrick Wanis we discovered our relationship blueprint, what kind of person we are based on the qualities and attributes we posses. An interesting revelation that reinforced what I have been trying to push aside all year. Other great speakers such as Barbara DeAngelis, Marianne Williamson, Helice Bridges and Marcia Martin really connected with my current situation. Marcia Martin was absolutely amazing! Her presentation really allowed me to give myself permission to be open and honest about asking what men want. At times it was like listening to one of my good friends...why I didn't take her advice is beyond me, but I'll certainly be asking her for more now!!!

What this weekend really showed me though was to open my heart and speak my truth no matter how hard or easy it may be. I'm very greatful I had the opportunity to realize this in the company of such supportive people. Without them I couldn't have done it.

Many people believe that these courses aren't in my best interest and that it's just a phase I'm going through. My response to that is, "Thank you for sharing, but I don't care what you think." I have been through enough in my life to know what is right for me and what is wrong. Every experience I have had has taught me something about myself, the patterns I am running and who I have grown into as a result. I have a deeper connection with myself as well as others in my life whether they realize it or not. I understand that my attitude of acceptance and gratitude has been seen as scary to some because it is so out of my previous rebelling warrior drive. To that I say, "Thank you Wizard camp for allowing me to tap into that part of me that sees the entire world as a beautiful place of love and light." I do realize that I need to tap into that Warrior mode right now, but it's been a blessing to go with the flow and take it day by day. And with that I leave you with one of my favourite messages. I get chills when I read it.

I honor the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells,
I honor the place in youwhich is of Love, of Truth, of Light and of Peace,
When you are in that place in you,and I am in that place in me,we are One.


Friday, October 24, 2008

What is it I wanted to do again???

I keep coming back to the question of "What do I really want?" Well, what if I don't know what I really want? I mean there are things that I absolutely want, like financial freedom so I have the freedom to pick up and go on an adventure or purchase something without worrying if I have enough for it. Since reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and starting the courses with Peak Potentials I know that's what I truly want, but how bad? I've gone to 6 courses and 3 camps in the last 8 months and I haven't done more than put Google adSense on this page in the way of earning passive income. I haven't earned a cent yet with my page, due completely to my lack of willingness to learn how to do it effectively. I've looked into network marketing on numerous occasions and nothing really turns me on. Many people have told me "If you don't believe in it, or it doesn't resonate with you, don't even get into it." So then what?

I can say that I've been promoting the Millionaire Mind Intensive again this fall season and I've had more success with it not being free. (The mind works in crazy ways!) As of yet, I haven't closed anyone...WHAT'S THE DEAL?! I know it's something in my head, probably dealing with the fact that I don't have the financials to prove that it works, but I KNOW that it will work. I see it every time I divy up my paycheck. I SEE exactly how it works! And I spend enough time with people that use it and are absolute successes because of it!!!!

At work, we always have the Secret playing in the waiting room and I always think of that part where they say not to give up just because you aren't seeing results. The visual is of the seed just about to sprout out of the ground. I just continue to believe that those seeds that I planted are still germinating and that they will also sprout out of the ground at the right time. That task in itself proves that you need to be patient and determined to get where you want to be. And of course there is a part of me that just wants to be in the moment. Maybe that's the answer...maybe that's the principle that I'm not using. I've been setting my intentions and putting dates on them so that I am specific and the Universe cannot get confused, but I've been focusing on everything in between now and then and how it's going to work out rather than just enjoying now. As I'm writing that, my mind is saying, "Well that still doesn't justify promoting something you don't have results with and you have to think about the future and how everything will work can't just make uninformed decisions." Well ya mind, you are right, thank-you, I want to make informed decisions, but I also want to be here now, not in my past, not in my future, in my present moment, a Warrior, I create every moment of my life. How can I create a reality of financial freedom if I'm not in the moment? I have created this moment of epiphany through writing. I have created this moment of laughther through my epiphany which came from my writing. The Universe is on purpose, and I have just shared with you reading this, my process of realization of why I don't yet have what I want. The reality I have created has been created so that I can be right here right now. Snap and from this point forward I can create my reality in each moment so that it is in line with exactly what I want...verrrrrry interesting.... :D

Wow, I get it now! And with that have a great night! I'm going to create my reality!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

From Ultimate Leadership Camp to Mastering My Mind

Right on the heels of Enlightened Warrior Training Camp I attended Ultimate Leadership Camp in Sanger, CA. Having done two camps previous to this one, I thought I knew what to expect, yet I still had this knot wrenched up in my stomach. Something in me knew I was in for some big lessons. The very first morning I had my first chance to really tap into my Warrior energy. I was scared almost to tears because my mind was telling me "What the hell are you doing here? Go home and leave now, this is not what you signed up for!" Well to be honest, I had no idea what I had signed up for to begin with!!!! But I had made a committment to myself and to the group that I would play at 100% and go through that finish line....and thank goodness I did. What an awesome week it turned out to be!!!

Yes there are people who are born with leadership qualities, but this course took those people and others who didn't even want to be leaders and turned us all into individuals who are ready, equipped and able to make big changes in this world. They created 100+ Ultimate Leaders and I'm very proud to say that I am one of them!

The greatests lesson that I learned while at camp was that people WANT to help me. People want you to succeed and are willing to help you in any way they can to ensure that happens. I also learned a lot about my communication skills, my temperment, my presnece and my ability to get into action and 'Get Shit Done'. For the past 8 months I have had all these great ideas, I've had the WHY, but was searching for the HOW. Well, the Universe provided me with the how in a big way. This camp was my completion tool, it gave me exactly what I needed to start and finish any task I take on, not to mention what to do along the way!

So with bruises and a serious cough, I left Sanger and headed home, only to fly out to Orlando 4 days later to Master My Mind! Well, I've got to be honest with you, I don't remember a whole lot about Master Your Mind because it all went in on a subconscious level. What did happen though was a nasty little thing called 'expectations' appeared again. My expectations at ULC were about the camp my expectations at MYM were about how much fun I was going to have reuniting with my friends. Well, needless to say, my expectations were met to a degree, but boy did I become aware of some nasty habbits and conditioning I've been holding onto for a while. I found myself 'avoiding' situations left and right so that I wouldn't have to ruin my weekend when in turn all it did was make it worse. So thank you Universe for providing me with exactly what I needed at exactly the right moment, what a blessing it was to see that behaviour in full force and watch how it unfolded and how easily it could have been resolved and can be resolved in the future! What I did take away from MYM was a definite sense of future success in the now. The processes we underwent really tuned me into exactly what I truly want to do at this point in my life as well as in the future! The Secret gives you a very superficial look at how the Laws of Attraction and Manifestation work, but these courses give you the tools to make it work in your life. Just a few weeks ago I created a vision board with the Peak Potentials logo on it. I knew I wanted to volunteer and maybe at somepoint work with them and after taking action towards that goal I was confirmed to volunteer at the Millionaire Mind Intensive in Detroit in a few weeks. Talk about attracting what you want!

If there is anything that I have learned over the last eight months it is that the mind is a very powerful tool. If you train it to work for you, you can change your life in radical ways. I am living proof, what you put out there, you get back (both good and bad) so be aware of what you are putting out there!

Peace, Love and Happiness my brothas and sistas!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Enlightened Warrior Training Camp

Been a while I know. I have been busy.

Since my last post I have taken on a position at a local Chiropractic Clinic as well as attended Enlightened Warrior Training Camp. The Universe is on purpose and it has shown me exactly what I need to see at exactly the right time, not to mention put me in the right places with the right people. I mean, what employer takes on someone who requires 20 days off in a matter of 3 months??? Thank you Universe! The cash in the pocket is much appreciated! Back on subject here...

What Warrior has done for me is opened my mind and my heart to what I am truly capable of. It has shown me exactly where I give up, where I get bored and the environments in which I either thrive or merely survive. It has allowed me to honestly and truly say what I mean and mean what I say. The exercises that we went through that week have allowed me to grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally beyond comprehension. There truly are no words to describe my experience at Enlightened Warrior Training Camp. A group of 200+ people showed up not having a freakin' clue what they were going to be in for, and scared shit less. Everyone of us left strong, loving, and forever changed people.

I met people there that know me better than my best friends know me because of the experiences we shared. I now have a network of people who will call me on my bullshit and help and support me to make it through to the other side. And I am 100% committed to doing the same for them if they ask for it. You talk about pioneers and soldiers moulding and saving man kind...well anyone who has attended an Enlightened Warrior Training Camp will tell you the journey doesn't begin out begins within. Until you can face your own demons, fears, doubts and stories with love and acceptance there is little chance that you can do that for others and be as successful.

This camp should just be a required part of living taxes...instead of paying for taxes why not make people attend Warrior camp.... just a thought :)

AHO! I honour YOUR truth, whatever that may be...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's it all about...

So I've got this blog and I don't know what to do with it. Do I keep it and continue to write my experiences about personal development and my ongoing education of sorts, or do i just let it be? The excitement of seeing that someone else has checked out your blog is cool, but what am I really providing them with? Where's the value? It's just me spewing out what's been big in my life. I guess someone would get something from that. Writing this last bit just made me realize my insecurity of 'not being good enough'...hmm....and here I thought I had worked on that!!! "I now release my feelings of not being good enough." So Be It!

So Be It is my new favourite saying by the way. Attending Wizard Training Camp (another wonderful T. Harv Eker course) really taught me the power of intention and the simplicity of manifesting what you truly desire. My new motto is "I find and create a way". I have been living the Wizard principles since being home and have found that not only am I the calm during the storm, but I am the sage wise one who listens, pauses and then speaks..... HI SENSAI!

Since being home I have recieved a few calls about my Kids Yoga program as well as tutoring. Manifestation at work my friends:) My first tutoring session was yesterday. It went well...again, I was the eye of the storm! As well, I realized how much comparison is being done by teachers and parents to the 'standards' of their classrooms. It blows my mind that they've attempted to make stipulations on the number of kids in a classroom and then they go and make cuts to the education programs forcing boards to lay off more teachers! What is wrong with this system???? If anything they should be pumping more money into the education system to ensure that there are more than enough teachers in each classroom so each child gets the help that they both deserve and need! There's my political rant for the day..... now back to my 'higher self'. If it takes months, years, decades to change they way children are taught then so be it, but I for one intend to take what I know and fly with it now. I am 100% committed to teaching children to live in their higher selves. In essence, what that means is creating calm and focus in they can take into their lives, creating nurturing and supportive classroom environments that they can then apply at home, having an ability to focus on each individual child and their learning needs, and most importantly inspiring children to learn, to light that inner fire, to dream big and just go for it!!! I want to help children realize their powers and gifts and give them the tools to take those gifts and soar through life. If anyone wants to help, you know where to find me!


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yoga for Kids

It's been a while, I know. I'm really not sure what I have been busy with, but my latest project has been becoming certified to teach yoga for kids! I guess it was about 2 years ago when I first started doing yoga. Of course I began with a video in my living room and ended up hurting myself, yet I was determined to find the benefits of yoga and not run scared from something that so many people live by. I began taking classes and quickly understood the craze. Within 2 or 3 weeks my flexibility had improved, I felt taller and I felt looser and more at ease both physically and mentally and I had found a way to better manage my injury.

Did you know there are many variations to yoga? There is hatha, ashtanga, power, forest, Bikram, Kundilini...just to name a few. Each with it's own focus and sequencing, yoga is essentially a way to unite the mind, body and spirit through various poses, breathing and meditation.

I'm not quite sure where my idea to teach kids yoga ever came from, but when I first began to look into it, I had no idea what to expect. Little did I know that there are classes running all over the world specifically for kids yoga! My initial intention was to become certified so that I could incorporate it into my teaching practice, in Phys Ed and in schools. Now, I'm in the process of putting together some programs for the summer break!

You might be asking, "Well, can yoga really benefit my child?" The benefits of yoga are simple:
Increased Awareness

Increased Physical Fitness

Good Posture

Proper Breathing

Stress Relief

Building Confidence

Developing Concentration and Mindfullness

As a teacher and a person I see how stressed out kids get! They are on information overload or they are the opposite, bored out of their minds and looking to get attention by doing anything possible! Yoga allows them to explore themselves in a way that education does not. It gives them a tool to use when they get angry, upset or frustrated. It teaches kids to focus and really understand what it is they are capable of in the moment! Let's be real here, kids yoga is not like adult yoga. They play games and do sound effects. There is an animal for almost every pose! So not only are your kids having fun, but they're also learning a great deal about themselves, the world we live in and what they are truly capable of. Gee...isn't that something! :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

I Have A Millionaire Mind! I am, four months into my journey with Peak Potentials and I can honestly say that I am no longer the same person I was when I began. I have been continually amazed at what Peak Potentials has done for me and how I view my world as well as the surrounding world, but this weekend at Millionaire Mind I was, once again, absolutely blown away!

Everything happens for a reason, right? Well, I know there is a reason I entered this company on a back end course and that essentially I have been working backwards through the courses. I had to see the possibilities before I saw the process. Man, the Universe knows me well! This was truly a unique experience for me though. Having been to 4 courses prior to the 'entry' course I got to witness first hand the transformation of people who are for the first time experiencing the possibilities life has to offer. It was SO exciting watching others get excited about the material, about the courses about life!!!!! And of course having been to other courses I was promoting them all! :) Why wouldn't I share the amazing experiences I had???

Millionaire Mind cemented the financial process for me. It got me very clear on HOW to get things started. When I have a big enough WHY for what I want to do then the how was simply shown to me! As well, MMI (millionaire mind intensive) cleared out all the crap people had fed me over the years about money. I didn't know then what I know now and so for a time their methods served a purpose in my keep me broke! The real zinger is that a great deal of people will retire with enough savings to last them for 10 does that mean the plan is to die before your money runs out?

I've never been a fan of working, of trading time for money. I'm gonna stick with a 3-5 year plan of working my butt off and working SMART so that I never have to work again...unless I choose to. Which I probably will because I will love my business so much I will want to expand internationally, but honestly....stick it to the man!!! I'm creating my wealth, not waiting 50 years for it to come to me!!!!

I've tried to share this with so many people and so many of them have simply brushed it aside or been downright negative and rude about it or they've been really pumped about it, given me their word and then bailed. Ya know, the part that makes me really sad is that every one of them has potential to be so rich, they all have wicked creative ideas, but are too fricken scared of them to do anything about it!

People have told me I've been brainwashed, but I'd much rather be brainwashed for success and wealth than stay brainwashed by society to work hard only to retire with nothing or very little! It kills me to think that people still believe the mainstream...where has it gotten them? I know where it got me! $40,000 in debt! There is nothing in the mainstream media or any formal education institute that can teach me anything about what I have learned in the last four months in such a short period of time!

So! Having vented all my frustration with 'mainstream' ways of being I think I'll leave on a lighter note. From this point forward there is no looking back, there is no procrastinating (if you have been to an MMI you will know the process I am talking about!). I am going to change the face of education as we know it. My goal is implement a 'real world' curriculum in schools with one facet being money management. Students graduating Gr. 12 will know more about money management, business strategies and investing than someone who has graduated from university! Ok, so that's a big job and I'll be asking for help along the way, and it will happen, no matter how long!

As I'm sitting here writing that I'm also snapping the rubber band on my wrist as my little voice is telling me "You're a friggen idiot for sharing that on the internet, now you have to do it because people are going to be watching for it." Damn right they are and now I have an entire audience to make sure that I do!!! And that, my friends, is a Millionaire Mind!!! (and maybe a Warrior... :))


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Airport Adventures!

Well, after another amazing, life changing week spent with Peak Potentials and all their amazing students...I might say my new family, I have really taken a new perspective on my role on this planet.

These courses allow me to spend a lot of time in airports and I can't help but observe the many people that are lifelessly breathing. I like to call them the 'living dead'. So as part of an assignment, more a 'pay it forward' than anything, I have decided to revolutionize the way I travel.

It began on my return from Los Angeles in LAX. A young guy in his twenties was walking by with his carry on, hiding under his hood with the typical straight faced stoic look that so many people have at the airport. Well, thinking he was a good looking lad and that I'd probably not run into him again, he ended up in front of me in the security line. After an attempt to politely ask a question to a security guard he was answered with a short, curt remark rather than anything of relevance to what he asked. Of course I laughed...typical TSA.

So I commented, "Gee that was a pleasant answer." and he replied "Ya I love airports...everyone is just so happy." The smile came as did the energy and excitement that someone had talked to him. We had a bit in common! I had found a live one! So after starting a bit of a ruckus in security, snickering jokes back and forth and getting the TSA people to shoot us questioning stares we got out and headed to the duty free. I just want to add in the black gentleman who always happens to be at security when I am there. He actually yells at passengers before they walk through the metal detector!!! I'm really not sure what it accomplishes other than makes him look like an a$$, but hey, different strokes for different folks. Anyhow, why I was following him I am not sure, but he was fun, smiley and had about as much time as I did to kill before his flight.

He bought cologne, after I decided which kind would smell the best on him. We chatted up until the final boarding call for my flight and I left him with a handshake and a smile as well as a mission to wake the living dead in the airports he was going to be in. I was off to Detroit and he back to New Zealand. I cannot wait to fly again for I really never know who I might awaken!!! What fun!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Dreams of a Millionaire

When we were kids, we all said "I want to be RICH when I grow up!" I know I did because I was tired of always hearing "We can't afford that." I was going to make sure I could afford anything and everything I desired. Somewhere down the line we stopped really wanting it because the downers in our life told us to get real; is it because society promotes steady paychecks and dead end jobs; or is it because we really didn't know any better and forgot about that deepest desire to live a life of freedom?

Well, I know my desire to become rich has been re-ignited because I can see the possibility of endless riches for doing what I love. Isn't that perfect, doing something you love and making heaps of money with it? Sounds easy enough and it is SIMPLE, not easy. It takes hard work and lots of brain power to turn it something great for you and your family to have forever...that legacy.

But why have people put rich people on the naughty list? Why do people squawk at me when I talk about learning to earn more money (not even mentioning millions)? Why, in a time of crisis, a time of recession is everyone in denial about how far their money will truly go? And they say that I've been brainwashed...ya brainwashed to see the opportunities to make money while you scoff and turn your head as if you were the one with all the knowledge in the world and nothing to show for it! I guess the saying is right, 'the rich get richer and the poor get poorer'. It's not a matter of taxes, paychecks, lifestyle, it's all in the mindset of the money maker. Rich people know how to make money from nothing and poor people know how to not make money. (I use rich and poor to make a point, the mentality of rich people is just different)

So what do I do? Do I continue to engage in toxic conversations and debate the financial consciousness of our world? Do I forget the past and it's people and move forward to make new, more productive relationships with the more financially conscious? To be honest, it's about more than the money. It's about my health, my sanity, my success, my ability to grow. How long can one hold onto the grips of the past before it just drags them back into the gutters so many call 'just the way of life'. What will happen to my life as I know it now? Will my friends still be my friends when I have climbed to the peak of my success? How many bridges will I have burned along the way? The mind loves the comfort, while the heart yearns for change, for adventure, for a new world. Is it my ultimate goal to have friends and live 'the way of life' or is my ultimate goal to be the biggest success I can be, bring in the riches of love, life, money, health and happiness all while doing what I love to do?

I realize that people fear their own greatness, but it's that fear that will continue to bring them whatever it is that they are not happy with now. To my success and your success! May your heart guide you in the direction of purpose, passion and fulfillment. This world is ours for the taking, it's ours to change for the better and it's ours to reap the benefits, riches and happiness!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fostering Succes!

Today was my first action step towards success! I got myself into a school and presented real-world information to highschool students!

I took Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, by T. Harv Eker, and presented bits of content to about 60 Business/ Accounting students. I engaged the students using many different activities including revealing beliefs and setting goals. The content revolved around the inner and outer principles of success and why your mindset either sets you up for success or for no success. For a first time trainer I am proud of my accomplishment, but I realize I have a lot to learn and there are so many more students out there who want to hear this information.

I was hesitant to present the information because it's 'not my forte', but as I went through the presentations I became an expert on exactly what I was presenting. I had experienced this before; you learn more when you teach. I WAS TALKING ABOUT INVESTMENTS AND NETWORTH!! These are two words that did not even exist in my vocabulary 3 months ago! The best part was, I knew what I was talking about! Stuff just came flying out of my mouth and caught their attention. I never had anticipated that my goal of reaching and empowering students would begin with financial content, but thank you universe for providing me with the opportunity! Like I stated earlier, this is just the first step. What's next I don't know, but if it's anything like this "BRING IT ON!"

Monday, May 19, 2008

Never Work Again?!

I know it sounds like a joke, but 'anything is possible' right? I can honestly say after attending this course I now have a plethora of tools to put to use to find, create and earn passive income!

The concept is bizzare; putting in a little work and getting paid for it for the rest of your life if you'd like. How many of you think that vending machine owners are in their own little worlds? Well they are! They in their own little worlds living with the multi multi multi millionaires!!!!!

And you thought that people worked hard for their money!! Well they may have in the beginning, but now they just hire other people to do it for them. Why do you think Donald Trump has The Apprentice....TO HIRE SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT FOR HIM!

I have recently begun my journey with personal development. I am growing myself daily to make sure I become the best I can be, to make sure that I am serving a purpose for the world we live in, to make sure that I can change thousands of lives. So I don't have a normal job, I'm not making much money (if any :)), but I'm putting together amazing things for children in schools, for parents and teachers. I mean, I'm now in the transportation business. I'm transporting people from where they are now to their absolute magnificent selves. And that I can count on to take me where I want to be financially, socially, emotionally and spiritually!

As I grow, I am more aware of those who are not, those who are living in the 'cookie-cutter' world of go to school, get a degree, get a job, get married, have kids, retire....Mirriam-Webster defines retire as 'withdraw from action'. Gee, and here I thought retirement was supposed to be full of action and excitement! I mean after all you no longer have to work!!!

At this Never Work Again course I just took, I noticed that some of the attendants had registered their son or daughters. So I strolled up to one of these youngsters and introduced myself. HE WAS 12!!! At a conference where the average age was probably 40! When he goes back to school he'll be speaking an entirely different language than his peers and his teachers!!!! WOW! This is what I love to see! Kids who are growing at a rate faster than adults, sponging up as much information as possible and taking it home and applying it! I plan to keep in touch to see how he's doing with his next endeavours, but I wouldn't hesitate to say that he'll have over $50,000 in passive income by this time next year from persuing one avenue of passive income. Now let me ask you this. Does he fit the standard 'cookie-cutter' lifestyle? NO!!! Do you?