Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why Motivational Quotes on the Internet DO Work!

I will not pretend for a second to be the most motivated person on the planet. These days I'm quite the opposite, scrolling through my newsfeed and 'liking' all the motivationally minded photos everyone is passing around. Usually, in the moment, they spark a level of resonance that passes just as quickly as my next breath.

Then there are the photos with quotes that elude to the fact that if we spent less time 'liking' and admiring said motivational photos and actually did something, that we would be more motivated ourselves.

Maybe...maybe not.

For all the photos I have liked and passed along, the rare few get saved into an album or onto my desktop wallpaper because I need the constant reminder!

This is one such photo...  (which I aptly saved as 'I Need This')

It is a photo created by or for Gabby Bernstein who is the author of 'Spirit Junkie'. I have only seen/heard her when she was a guest with Marie Forleo and Mastin Kipp on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday. My impression of her was not stellar; one of a girl who is above everyone else, who knows more than everyone else and one who's message is the only way. While I would love to think she is not what I have impressed upon her, her work, until this, has not crossed my path of interest.

HOWEVER! This photo, motivational, spiritual, whatever you want to call it, photo has taken residence on my desktop wallpaper and on my FB wall numerous times. It helps me stay sane! It helps me allow miracles! It helps me allow others to help me! It reminds me that there are other currencies aside from money (which for me lately is important).

When I remember that everything I need will be given to me and I am taken care of and take action in the direction of my heart I find even more opportunities or gifts come my way.

I will give an example. My sewing machine has been acting up. I had tried everything, so I figured I'd take it in for a tune-up. I'm tight with my money while I'm not working so I had some cash from some of my sales I was going to put towards it, hoping not to have to dip into my bank account. According to the internet, my closest repair shops were both an hour away. Then, like magic :) I call the local shop to see if they do repairs and they did! I got to the shop, she fiddled around with it and tested out all the stitches and said, "It's likely that you are just threading it wrong....your machine is fine." :)

When I remember the words on this 'motivational photo' I hear the quiet voice that always takes care of me and gives me everything I need. My example might seem trivial, but the amount of inconvenience it saved me is not.

From my experience, it's likely that most of these photo quotes are marketing tools, but that doesn't mean they can't be powerful. 'Like' away and hopefully in your scrolling and searching you find one that resonates highly with you, that moves your mind in the way it needs to be moved. In my own personal opinion, I believe many of us are living in an apathetic world despite our best efforts to appear otherwise. Do your thing, find what you need, figure out what works and just keep stepping one foot in front of the other because Everything You Need Will Be Given to You Today. You are Taken Care Of.