Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's it all about...

So I've got this blog and I don't know what to do with it. Do I keep it and continue to write my experiences about personal development and my ongoing education of sorts, or do i just let it be? The excitement of seeing that someone else has checked out your blog is cool, but what am I really providing them with? Where's the value? It's just me spewing out what's been big in my life. I guess someone would get something from that. Writing this last bit just made me realize my insecurity of 'not being good enough'...hmm....and here I thought I had worked on that!!! "I now release my feelings of not being good enough." So Be It!

So Be It is my new favourite saying by the way. Attending Wizard Training Camp (another wonderful T. Harv Eker course) really taught me the power of intention and the simplicity of manifesting what you truly desire. My new motto is "I find and create a way". I have been living the Wizard principles since being home and have found that not only am I the calm during the storm, but I am the sage wise one who listens, pauses and then speaks..... HI SENSAI!

Since being home I have recieved a few calls about my Kids Yoga program as well as tutoring. Manifestation at work my friends:) My first tutoring session was yesterday. It went well...again, I was the eye of the storm! As well, I realized how much comparison is being done by teachers and parents to the 'standards' of their classrooms. It blows my mind that they've attempted to make stipulations on the number of kids in a classroom and then they go and make cuts to the education programs forcing boards to lay off more teachers! What is wrong with this system???? If anything they should be pumping more money into the education system to ensure that there are more than enough teachers in each classroom so each child gets the help that they both deserve and need! There's my political rant for the day..... now back to my 'higher self'. If it takes months, years, decades to change they way children are taught then so be it, but I for one intend to take what I know and fly with it now. I am 100% committed to teaching children to live in their higher selves. In essence, what that means is creating calm and focus in they can take into their lives, creating nurturing and supportive classroom environments that they can then apply at home, having an ability to focus on each individual child and their learning needs, and most importantly inspiring children to learn, to light that inner fire, to dream big and just go for it!!! I want to help children realize their powers and gifts and give them the tools to take those gifts and soar through life. If anyone wants to help, you know where to find me!