About Me

I'm not sure there is much to say about me that isn't revealed in the content on my blog. I'm a ponderer and I love deep conversations about the Universe and the purpose of life. I also like wings, pizza and beer and a solid dancing night with my friends. This blog has been an outlet for me to think/write through some of the questions that stop me in my tracks and make me wonder what it's all about and marvel at the brilliant complex simplicity of it all. It's an open invitation for all to see things through my eyes and get just a bit of a different perspective on it all. My earnest hope is that somewhere along the line I am able to bridge a gap between who we are as we know ourselves and who we are as we have yet to discover ourselves.

This world is a place where I/We can be whatever and whoever I/We want and I embrace that opportunity with curious spirit, an open heart and an open mind. Peace, Love and Happiness.