Sunday, May 17, 2009

Balancing Energies

My last post was about the 'Two Sides of Me You Don't Always See' and as I read the post again after a few days I realized that I really didn't explain the two sides of me. And that's OK. That's my spiritual side going with the flow, forgetting that there is a process to be followed when writing.

I mean, the process is really your own, but if you want your posts to make sense shouldn't they, at some point, come back to the title or main focus of what you originally wanted to talk about? Maybe this was what my professors were talking about. It did take a lot of focus to keep on topic and not delve into random side bars.

Having said that, I have been working in my spiritual energy for the past few days. The Wizard if you will, combined with the Warrior. I have had a strong urge to write. Words repeating themselves over and over in my head until they are down on paper. 25 sheets of paper to be exact; front and back. I allowed the words to flow through me and I did not stop to correct or edit along the way. I just wrote and wrote. When I felt the urge to go back and 'look over' stuff my Warrior kicked in and said, "Back to writing girl, it's not about making changes yet." And back to the writing I went.

To my surprise, when I actually did finish writing what I needed to write I was told (by my inner voice) to re-read the entire thing without stopping to change a thing. Just read it. What I thought was a really haphazard layout was true, but somehow underneath it all there was a linking web from one story to the next, to the next, to the next. My logical self was getting very agitated because it was hard to follow and 'shouldn't' be like that. It wanted to categorize and compartmentalize everything into sections and make it all sterile and white. My spiritual side was thoroughly impressed with my words, my emotions, my humour, but most of all my willingness to go through the process of regurgitating elements of my life without hesitation or resistance.

I've known for a while, there was a book in me waiting to come out and I had sat down and written before, but nothing came out. When the time is right, write.

This spiritual side that I mention is rooted in a great understanding that there are things that exist that we cannot see with our human eyes, nor can we explain by science. And I'm sooo OK with that! I believe in angels and spirits and fairies and orbs. I've experienced spirit and seen spirit before and so I have learned to use these beings to assist me.

I have a ritual every morning. I pull a card from each of my 'guidance' cards if you will and I read the messages they send me for the day. One this morning was 'STAY FOCUSED'. Clear as a bell, I instantly knew where I was going to need to apply that. Facebook, email, eating, chatting...all distractions I continually allow myself to partake in to get away from writing. Even writing this blog is a distraction for me, which is why I chose to write about that card and spirituality. By reminding myself about that message everytime I tried to distract myself, I was able to regroup and keep going. I know there is a reason that this book came out of me here and now. I will not know what that reason is until I see what could have stopped me in the future.

I am very greatful for these words of wisdom each morning. I can't come up with it all by myself, why not ask for help from something greater? I don't always understand what the messages mean so I read them and then move on. It usually isn't until later when I look back and say, 'Oh yes, how appropriate that was!'

The trick is to realize that there are people and beings who can help us along on our journey, all we need to do is ask for their help, listen to their messages and continue on with our lives. Soon enough they will all fall into place.

If you would like to learn more about spirituality contact me at

Remember, we all learn in our own time, I can only share with you what I have experienced and guide you by that. I am by no means an expert, but I have knowledge and if I don't have it, I'm sure I know someone who does. :)

Peace out.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Two Sides of Me That We Don't Always See :)

I am most definitely a free spirit and an old soul who likes to 'see what happens next'. I am also a very disciplined and logical thinker who plans and creates chaos where order already lies. I am the combination of both of these amazing people who, when given an opportunity to create, has the discipline and imagination to see things through to their brilliance and their possible demise. No matter the situation, when I feel moved to create, there really is no stopping me.

I feel as though I haven't spent much time loving my blog lately. So I returned to it this week and wrote a post. A post, once re-read, actually is very good, very true and very global. I also looked at what my header says and I am in awe at the poetic-ness of my own words! Damn, I'm good! :)

I don't know where it comes from, well that's a lie, I totally know where it comes from. It's from a few places. From my heart, from my subconscious, but more than that it's from my guiding forces, from my soul, the universe.

I have these urges to write at times. Sometimes it's notes, sometimes it's letters to people, or emails just to say hello, but the message I write has more to it than a simple hello. It's a message that I feel compelled to write, that has no thought process, just words, through a pen onto paper or in this case, screen.

I've known for quite sometime now that I've had this gift as paper upon paper in university came back with great marks...and the same comment at the end...'you need to actually conclude your arguement, not start a new one.' But that's how I write! Open ended, left to the imagination, hooking the mind, what's going to happen next. With my history professors in mind, I now understand why this was hard for them to accept. History is the past, it, in some instances, is considered fact and therefore and arguement, once presented, needs to be concluded. But what if my arguement is meant to be argued further, but you just didn't allow me enough 'word count' to do that?! My spirit and logic in constant conflict...

But that is the hitch with my writing. There is no conclusion, there isn't meant to be a conclusion because even when we're gone from this plane, we continue on in another.

Over the last few weeks, as I've had a chance to listen to my body and trust it's nudges and slaps in the face, I can better feel where we're going with this road trip, where our lives are headed and how amazing our gifts are. Writing this is exciting as I can honestly say I'm back in a space where creativity is flowing positively and with abundance. When I'm in a good space, so is my writing.

What are you capable of when you're in a good space?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Reflective Thoughts

Do you ever feel like you're just not getting anywhere?
Or do you ever sat back and wondered what you've really accomplished?

Well I know I have! Recently too. We're so quick to pick out the flaws, the mistakes and the wrong actions we've taken, but how often do we look to what we've done right, what works for us, and what we have done that makes us great?

This past weekend I was part of an amazing team of people who helped to run the Millionaire Mind Intensive in Calgary. On the first day we were delegated to certain tasks and asked to perform them throughout the weekend. My intention for the weekend was to become more aware of my abilities within a leadership role as well as within a following role.

Since attending Ultimate Leadership Camp in September, I've had many opportunities to step into leadership roles. Some of them very successful and others not so successful. It has been a great learning curve with acceptance of the role alone.

I felt as though this weekend provided me with a great mix of leading and being led. I feel that often others see more in you than you see within yourself and therefore trust you with more responsibility. I think my biggest 'take home' with respect to leadership over the weekend was that when you have trust in your team, everything falls into place naturally. It is a gift to allow each individual to contribute in their own way and trust that it is in the highest and best interest of the entire group. When individuals are allowed their creative freedom it is amazing what can come of it.

Now, I don't know that I can remember what flawed actions I made because I was busy reflecting and celebrating the sucesses of the weekend. Katie and I sat back and really looked at what we've become over the last few months and over the weekend and we both realized how amazing we both are! We have learned so much about ourselves, the roles that come naturally and that we excell at and the contributions we are both capable of making in this world.

Facilitating positive change in this world is just one way of creating success....celebrating your success creates more success...cheers to all that works and may you learn from that which doesn't!