Friday, October 24, 2008

What is it I wanted to do again???

I keep coming back to the question of "What do I really want?" Well, what if I don't know what I really want? I mean there are things that I absolutely want, like financial freedom so I have the freedom to pick up and go on an adventure or purchase something without worrying if I have enough for it. Since reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and starting the courses with Peak Potentials I know that's what I truly want, but how bad? I've gone to 6 courses and 3 camps in the last 8 months and I haven't done more than put Google adSense on this page in the way of earning passive income. I haven't earned a cent yet with my page, due completely to my lack of willingness to learn how to do it effectively. I've looked into network marketing on numerous occasions and nothing really turns me on. Many people have told me "If you don't believe in it, or it doesn't resonate with you, don't even get into it." So then what?

I can say that I've been promoting the Millionaire Mind Intensive again this fall season and I've had more success with it not being free. (The mind works in crazy ways!) As of yet, I haven't closed anyone...WHAT'S THE DEAL?! I know it's something in my head, probably dealing with the fact that I don't have the financials to prove that it works, but I KNOW that it will work. I see it every time I divy up my paycheck. I SEE exactly how it works! And I spend enough time with people that use it and are absolute successes because of it!!!!

At work, we always have the Secret playing in the waiting room and I always think of that part where they say not to give up just because you aren't seeing results. The visual is of the seed just about to sprout out of the ground. I just continue to believe that those seeds that I planted are still germinating and that they will also sprout out of the ground at the right time. That task in itself proves that you need to be patient and determined to get where you want to be. And of course there is a part of me that just wants to be in the moment. Maybe that's the answer...maybe that's the principle that I'm not using. I've been setting my intentions and putting dates on them so that I am specific and the Universe cannot get confused, but I've been focusing on everything in between now and then and how it's going to work out rather than just enjoying now. As I'm writing that, my mind is saying, "Well that still doesn't justify promoting something you don't have results with and you have to think about the future and how everything will work can't just make uninformed decisions." Well ya mind, you are right, thank-you, I want to make informed decisions, but I also want to be here now, not in my past, not in my future, in my present moment, a Warrior, I create every moment of my life. How can I create a reality of financial freedom if I'm not in the moment? I have created this moment of epiphany through writing. I have created this moment of laughther through my epiphany which came from my writing. The Universe is on purpose, and I have just shared with you reading this, my process of realization of why I don't yet have what I want. The reality I have created has been created so that I can be right here right now. Snap and from this point forward I can create my reality in each moment so that it is in line with exactly what I want...verrrrrry interesting.... :D

Wow, I get it now! And with that have a great night! I'm going to create my reality!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

From Ultimate Leadership Camp to Mastering My Mind

Right on the heels of Enlightened Warrior Training Camp I attended Ultimate Leadership Camp in Sanger, CA. Having done two camps previous to this one, I thought I knew what to expect, yet I still had this knot wrenched up in my stomach. Something in me knew I was in for some big lessons. The very first morning I had my first chance to really tap into my Warrior energy. I was scared almost to tears because my mind was telling me "What the hell are you doing here? Go home and leave now, this is not what you signed up for!" Well to be honest, I had no idea what I had signed up for to begin with!!!! But I had made a committment to myself and to the group that I would play at 100% and go through that finish line....and thank goodness I did. What an awesome week it turned out to be!!!

Yes there are people who are born with leadership qualities, but this course took those people and others who didn't even want to be leaders and turned us all into individuals who are ready, equipped and able to make big changes in this world. They created 100+ Ultimate Leaders and I'm very proud to say that I am one of them!

The greatests lesson that I learned while at camp was that people WANT to help me. People want you to succeed and are willing to help you in any way they can to ensure that happens. I also learned a lot about my communication skills, my temperment, my presnece and my ability to get into action and 'Get Shit Done'. For the past 8 months I have had all these great ideas, I've had the WHY, but was searching for the HOW. Well, the Universe provided me with the how in a big way. This camp was my completion tool, it gave me exactly what I needed to start and finish any task I take on, not to mention what to do along the way!

So with bruises and a serious cough, I left Sanger and headed home, only to fly out to Orlando 4 days later to Master My Mind! Well, I've got to be honest with you, I don't remember a whole lot about Master Your Mind because it all went in on a subconscious level. What did happen though was a nasty little thing called 'expectations' appeared again. My expectations at ULC were about the camp my expectations at MYM were about how much fun I was going to have reuniting with my friends. Well, needless to say, my expectations were met to a degree, but boy did I become aware of some nasty habbits and conditioning I've been holding onto for a while. I found myself 'avoiding' situations left and right so that I wouldn't have to ruin my weekend when in turn all it did was make it worse. So thank you Universe for providing me with exactly what I needed at exactly the right moment, what a blessing it was to see that behaviour in full force and watch how it unfolded and how easily it could have been resolved and can be resolved in the future! What I did take away from MYM was a definite sense of future success in the now. The processes we underwent really tuned me into exactly what I truly want to do at this point in my life as well as in the future! The Secret gives you a very superficial look at how the Laws of Attraction and Manifestation work, but these courses give you the tools to make it work in your life. Just a few weeks ago I created a vision board with the Peak Potentials logo on it. I knew I wanted to volunteer and maybe at somepoint work with them and after taking action towards that goal I was confirmed to volunteer at the Millionaire Mind Intensive in Detroit in a few weeks. Talk about attracting what you want!

If there is anything that I have learned over the last eight months it is that the mind is a very powerful tool. If you train it to work for you, you can change your life in radical ways. I am living proof, what you put out there, you get back (both good and bad) so be aware of what you are putting out there!

Peace, Love and Happiness my brothas and sistas!