Friday, September 26, 2008

Enlightened Warrior Training Camp

Been a while I know. I have been busy.

Since my last post I have taken on a position at a local Chiropractic Clinic as well as attended Enlightened Warrior Training Camp. The Universe is on purpose and it has shown me exactly what I need to see at exactly the right time, not to mention put me in the right places with the right people. I mean, what employer takes on someone who requires 20 days off in a matter of 3 months??? Thank you Universe! The cash in the pocket is much appreciated! Back on subject here...

What Warrior has done for me is opened my mind and my heart to what I am truly capable of. It has shown me exactly where I give up, where I get bored and the environments in which I either thrive or merely survive. It has allowed me to honestly and truly say what I mean and mean what I say. The exercises that we went through that week have allowed me to grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally beyond comprehension. There truly are no words to describe my experience at Enlightened Warrior Training Camp. A group of 200+ people showed up not having a freakin' clue what they were going to be in for, and scared shit less. Everyone of us left strong, loving, and forever changed people.

I met people there that know me better than my best friends know me because of the experiences we shared. I now have a network of people who will call me on my bullshit and help and support me to make it through to the other side. And I am 100% committed to doing the same for them if they ask for it. You talk about pioneers and soldiers moulding and saving man kind...well anyone who has attended an Enlightened Warrior Training Camp will tell you the journey doesn't begin out begins within. Until you can face your own demons, fears, doubts and stories with love and acceptance there is little chance that you can do that for others and be as successful.

This camp should just be a required part of living taxes...instead of paying for taxes why not make people attend Warrior camp.... just a thought :)

AHO! I honour YOUR truth, whatever that may be...