Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What I Have is Enough...Actually, More Than Enough

It has felt to me, in the past months, that I have been continually asking for more. More out of the people in my life, more from the company I work with, more of myself, more opportunities, income, relationships, travel that is not work related, direction...and the list can go on and on.

And one request pops out to me the most; more of myself. And the 'more' that I have been asking for has been masked quite nicely by my mind while my heart has patiently waited for me to lift the veil and see that what I require more of is gratitude for all the things that I do have because currently that is enough. Accepting that my life is enough right now, that I am enough as a person, that the amount of money I bring in is enough and that the relationships I have are enough.

That doesn't mean that I cannot keep striving to grow all of these things, but I have had distinct feelings of 'arriving' for lack of a better word, in the place that I have been waiting to be in for quite some time. When I thought of what this place might have looked like, I do not know I had a vision in mind, but what it felt like is fairly clear. It is a feeling where being, doing and having 'enough' is fulfilling. Understanding that my manifestations of 'enough' will transform and grow is exciting and freeing. Surrendering to enough as a good thing, as a positive aspect of being, as a turning point has been empowering, grounding and freeing. When I am ready for more, it will appear, they will appear, the opportunities will appear and most importantly, I will appear and show up for each and every one of those things I have been co-creating.

Being OK with enough has not been easy, but it has been real. It has given me the gift of perspective and understanding and in some instances hope. Being OK with enough makes me realize that in all actually, I am, have and do more than enough. And that is a beautiful thing.