Monday, May 31, 2010

Coming Up For Air

It's funny that my last post was about soaring above and having vision, while this one is more about being submerged and coming up for air. To go up, must one first be down and to get down, one must first be up....

I suppose there are some people who can relate to this part of life's cycles; of feeling as though you've been submerged in life so thoroughly that you only realize it when you've reached the surface and come up for air. And in my case it hasn't neccessarily been an easy submersion, although easy and hard are only perceptions; it's been one of deep remembering, deep growth and deep feeling.

1. I had no idea I had so much love to give one person.
2. I had no idea how much love and acts of love I am able to receive.
3. I had no idea that I actually did know all of this and that I simply needed a reminder.

Being submerged, so to speak, was a cycle of great expansion for me in that I recognized and met many forms of resistance with understanding and love and a desire to move beyond it. I opened my heart, my consciousness and my being to all sorts of possiblities. I put myself in many positions where I might have 'gotten hurt' or had my heart broken. The real truth about hurt though is that it's another expression of love. It's the process of letting go, of grieving. At least that's how I percieve it.

So anyway, it feels good to be able to take a breath again and to get my feet back on the sand. I understand I've chosen to undergo this whole process of healing myself. When I chose that path, I had no idea what it would entail...or maybe I did and I'm only remembering it as it happens. The illusion of it All still amazes me and I will always be greatful for the souls who have been present for me in this process. What a gift.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Everyday Osho

From the book 'Everyday Osho; 365 Daily Meditations for the Here and Now'

The Real Robbers.

There is nothing to fear because we don't have anything to lose. All that can be robbed from you is not worthwhile, so why fear, why suspect, why doubt?

These are the real robbers: doubt, suspicion, fear. they destroy your very possibility of celebration. So while on earth, celebrate the earth. While this moment lasts, enjoy it to the very core. Because of fear we miss many things. Because of fear we cannot love, or even if we love it is always half-hearted, it is always so-so. It is always up to a certain extent and not beyond that. We always come to a point beyond which we are afraid, so we get stuck there. We cannot move deeply in friendship because of fear. We cannot pray deeply because of fear.

Be conscious but never be cautious. The distinction is very subtle. Consciousness is not rooted in fear. Caution is rooted in fear. One is cautious so that one might never go wrong, but then one cannot go very far. The very fear will not allow you to investigate new lifestyles, new channels for your energy, new directions, new lands. You will always tread the same path again and again, shuttling backward and forward- like a freight train!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Seeing Things Most Others Won't

I had a chat with a great friend of mine late last night in that 'just before bed sleepiness'. It was as if the Universe was planting seeds for my dream time. Reality for him, has slowly been shifting from what he thought he knew to what he really knows deep down in his soul. It's been amazing observing him embrace this shift and venture forward on his journey, as it is for me to watch us all, including myself do the same.

He offered to share a piece of something with me; something physical that I could have with me always as opposed to inspirational or motivational which, in time, might definitely blend in with all the other verbal contributions living in my. It was something he discovered and embraced as one of those 'Universal signs' from above and although I was extremely elated, I also wondered "Why me?" The old "I couldn't possibly deserve that" came up. So I asked him, "Why me?" And as clear as day he said, "because you have vision."
Thank you Dan for the photo :)
The hawk has vision, the eagle has vision, I've been seeing all these amazing creatures -repeatedly- with vision and have been missing the message! I've been missing that nature too, not just humans, serves as our mirror! What you see in others is what you already possess yourself. It's kind of like that saying 'takes one to know one'.

And it may come across slightly less dramatic as it did to me in the moment because words...well they're words, as opposed to feelings. At the time though, it sort of stopped my in my tracks. Another piece of my personal puzzle fell into place. I had remembered something I didn't even know I had forgot.

So I thanked him and expressed my state of shock and gratitude and he replied, "anyone who can up and travel the western countryside with no particular agenda and pull it off masterfully must see things most others won't." Like hello... those are words of wisdom. full of insight. It may seem like a pretty straight forward comment... when you're listening with your ears or reading it with your eyes; when you listen with the heart it takes on an entirely new message. And I can appreciate this interaction because for me, sometimes what I say just spills out of me with reckless abandon and although there are more times than not, I have no idea what I said, the person I'm talking to certainly did and they understood it on a level unknown to me.
In a way that point goes back to my last post (Waves of Transformation) about serving a purpose in the moment. Sharing those thoughts, feelings, stories with people because even though you may not need to hear or say it again, maybe you actually do or maybe the person you're talking to does... that's your gift to share with them, trust that it 'popped' into your mind for a reason, let it out and let it go. And besides, who are you to keep your gifts all to yourself, what good does that do?

Maybe that is the "something I see that most others won't" that everything, every thought, feeling, action, on some level is a gift, a blessing, an opportunity for me or for someone else to see, feel, hear, do things differently. And maybe what I see is something deeper, more profound and Universal... that we are all connected energetically, linked by molecules and frequencies and emotions... the hawk has vision. So do I.