Monday, March 21, 2011

Too Much and Not Enough

I recently posted on Facebook about the cycles of life and the polarities we flex between in our every day living. Too much and not enough are two more polarities that we constantly live through. I am overwhelmed by some things and people and very underwhelmed by others. Am I still expecting too much of some and not enough of others?

I came to a realization last night that in my life there are people who care so much that I become overwhelmed by their constant energy of wanting to be a part of my life and know every little detail of its goings on. There are also people in my life who I wish would do a bit more of that and constantly leave me feeling as though it wouldn't matter either way if I was there or not.

I've grown up my entire life wanting more from some and less from others and no matter how I ask for what I want and need, I am simply at a point now, where it is time to let it go. Where it is time to give myself what I am asking for and accept that they can only give what they can, when they can. It's a bummer sometimes, and yet it empowers me to do things differently, to be sensitive to people and what they are asking for verbally or non-verbally and to create what I want and need in my life regardless of outside influence. It is another form of inspiration and empowerment to become an even better person than I was when I woke up this morning.

Turn it around, whatever it is, and see it from the other side. It always looks different.