Sunday, February 8, 2009

A New Chapter

It was a long drive out to Colorado, but well worth the time and lack of sleep. I feel at home here and that sense of peace is my confirmation that I am in the right place and doing the right thing right now. It's bee a learning experience for me, as everything in life is and stopping to smell the roses or see what is really going on has been something I haven't been doing lately.

My sister and I are staying with our friend Ben and he's got this great book by Dan Millman. "The Life You Were Born to Live: A Guide To Finding Your Life Purpose". It's very interesting and so very accurate!!! Even after endless hours in courses and reading countless spiritual books I am still amazing (yes I am amazing!), I mean amazed :) at how much more I have to learn. This book uses your birthday and numerology to show us what traits we have brought with us in this lifetime, what challenges and obstacles we are here to overcome and experience as well as the mountains we are to climb to fulfill our purpose only to find that it doesn't end! "Your parents gave you a name, the Universe gave you a number."

My number is 34/7. The 7 indicates my primary purpose or lessons for this lifetime which is Trust and Openness. The 3 and 4 are other vital parts of my birth number which are Expression and Sensitivity, Stability and Process. Then there is also a bit about the combination of numbers, which I haven't yet got to as I'm still reeling from the fact that this book has me absolutely pegged!!!

The interesting thing is that since learning about my tendencies and my traits I have become more aware of them and how they are operating my life in both positive and negative ways. My tendency towards paranoia as a 7 leads me to have a sense of fear about 'missing out' on something or 'losing an opportunity or chance' as well as creating crazy insane stories about events that don't even happen!!! It's costing me enjoying the present moment and going with the flow. It is most definitely a trait I had not understood until I read the book. Another is my impatience that causes me to skip steps, miss instructions, jump to conclusions, do things half goes hand in hand with my paranoia. My impatience is what leads to my paranoia. If I had enough patience to see things through step by step instead of leaping across the river, I'd save myself a lot of frustration. The paranoia is also what has stopped me from trusting myself, others and the universe and has kept me closed up and guarded my entire life. Only in the last year have I really begun to open up to this concept and more recently begin to trust myself and the universe.

I'm very greatful that my sister is with me for this journey and road trip, because she has proved not only a great friend, but also a great warrior who speaks her truth and calls me on all my shit! As well, she seems to be having a blast and that makes me happy to see her happy. We feed off each other and so far it's been a great time! I'm glad our relationship has grown to a level where we can bitch at each other and still laugh our asses off in the process! I look forward to what this new chapter brings.

Check out this thing called 'life', it's pretty cool when you see it for what it is...everything!

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