Monday, October 25, 2010

Gardners and Investigators

Both gardners and investigators do digging. They do different types of digging. Sometimes gardners dig up things for investigators, but that's not where I'm going. I am neither a gardner or an investigator and yet I find myself digging. Digging for information that I'm not even sure exists; digging for clues to bring clarity and some sense of hope to hang on to before finally letting things go.

One thing I can say is that there is a distinct difference between investigators, which is who I feel I'm being right now, and gardeners. The first digs for evidence, clues, puzzle pieces that bring clarity and a fuller picture to certain situations. Sometimes they literally do physical digging, most times it's a mental map they are navigating, using intellect and logic combined with intuition and even imagination to bring about possible solutions. The later digs where there is nothing to find and plants a seed, waters and nurtures it and watches it grow into something beautiful. It is totally earth based and performed based on the fundamentals of nature. Perhaps the seed will germinate and flourish, and perhaps it won't and so then we plant another seed maybe right away, maybe next season.

Perhaps with all my investigative work and all the possible scenarios I am conjuring up, it would serve me to step back and look at my 'digging' as digging into nothing and use that nothing to plant a new seed, a new intention, a new desire to love and nurture that will grow into something beautiful in its own time.

FML (F#%k My Life) In all the best ways possible of course....

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